Workshop Move Your Brain

Topic: Focus

Move Your Brain: Get Focussed!

Attention, attention! The capacity to maintain concentration is deteriorating in these online times. In this workshop, you will set your brain in motion mentally and physically and learn techniques to experience more focus and energy and therefore become happier and more successful at work. Participants will think about the disruptive factors that stop them from staying focused.

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What will you come away with?

  • Easy-to-apply brain training with which you will take the first crucial steps towards more focus immediately
  • Practical focus tips & tools that you can apply immediately in your daily work and personal life
  • Insight into how you can set your brain in motion to keep yourself mentally healthy and sharp
  • The ability to keep working in a flexible, controlled and focused manner under pressure or when changes occur
  • The ability to observe from a distance the issues of the day
  • The ability to exchange the chaos and stress of multitasking for working on 1 task with focus
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