Webinar: A New Beginning with Tony Crabbe — Better Minds at Work

This pandemic period of uncertainty, social distance and hybrid working is a strange time for all of us. This webinar with Tony Crabbe will help you to make this period into a positive opportunity for you and your family, for your work and for your life when covid is just a memory.

The following topics will be discussed during the webinar:

  • Don´t try and survive: Thrive
    It´s natural for many to approach this time as a period to get through; to survive. This is the wrong goal. Instead, we should use this period as a time to actively pursue what matters to us and our loved ones. When we do this we boost our wellbeing, our optimism and our resilience. This talk will explain how to do this, in a practical way.
  • Succeeding from home
    Working from home, of more flexibly, has a number of challenges. How do you start and stop work when your home is also your office? How do you focus, in a house that´s too noisy (or maybe not noisy enough)? How do you collaborate from a distance? More than this, how do you ensure you don´t just replicate office habits in your home environment. We can all do better! The talk will explain how.
  • Evolving
    My biggest concern, in the midst of all this talk about how the world will change, is that we don´t change enough! The webinar will close with practical ideas on how to make sure you don´t waste this crisis. So you actively use this period as a chance to reflect, to reimagine and to evolve how you work and live. Hopefully this will be a once-in-a-lifetime crisis; don´t find yourself in 2021 in the same place you were at the start of 2020!

This webinar is based on Tony’s new book: https://www.lsamsterdam.nl/nieuws/een-nieuw-begin/

When? Thursday 8 October at 1 p.m.

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