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Do you want to inspire and motivate your employees?
Choose from our extensive offering of keynote speakers, hands-on workshops and team-building activities.


Our keynote speakerswill inspire your employees in a 1 to 1.5-hour session; there is no limit on the number of participants. Expect fascinating insights, practical exercises and a touch of humour!

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During our workshops(2-3 hours), your employees will learn in a small group (max. 15 people) to translate specific insights into practice. Expect a lot of interaction, tailored examples and a call to action!

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Inspire your team in fun team-building activities. We will supply challenges that resonate for a long time after.

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Do you want to grow significantly with your teams and organisation? We will be pleased to act as a partner in your organisation and roll out a results-oriented programme, for your entire organisation, for teams and for individual employees.

Growth programmes

We will propose a programme that we will roll out in your company to make all your employees grow in terms of their mental capital, leadership, focus, targeted action, health or change fitness.

growth programmes


Do you want to support the growth of individual employees or teams? Our team is ready to coach your people in all kinds of issues relating to burnout, resilience and leadership.

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We will give advice on how you as an organisation can set out an HR policy for the year 2020. What HR ingredients will make your company future-proof?

Human Capital Scan

Better Minds at Work offers a psychosocial stress risk analysis. Companies are obliged by Belgian law to identify their psychosocial stress risk factors. We will measure your employees’ enthusiasm and how burnout-proof your organisation and teams are.

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Focus policy

Do youhave questions about whetheror not to drawup guidelines on connectivity? How do you as a company or supervisor deal with flex work and “the right to unavailability or deconnection”?

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Wellbeing policy

Do you want to set up a new wellbeing policy in your organisation? A policy that goes further than preventing stress and burnout? Our consultants will help you on the way.

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Better Minds at Work wants to reach as many people as possible and inspire them to strengthen their own mental capital and that of those dear to them. To create even more impact, we offer a digital platform to inspire your employees.

Better Minds Platform

Create a community for your employees and choose for yourself what online lessons you offer.  Look forward to an energetic movement that will take off, particularly in combination with offline workshops.

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Our offices in Wijnegemare a smart choice as somewhere to strengthen your employees’ mental capital. A time out of the company environment can work wonders.

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