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Human Capital Scan

We will measure your employees’ enthusiasm and how burnout-proof your organisation and teams are.

“What gives my employees energy and what particularly causes stress in them?”
“How do my employees become physically and mentally stronger?”
“What kinds of work are motivating and lead to good and better work results?”
“Which path leads to better self-fulfilment and development?”

These important questions, which often remain unanswered. The Human Capital Scan offers these answers. By means of a 25-minute questionnaire you get an in-depth analysis, both physically as well as mentally.
Below you can find an insight into the applied scientific model, our process as well as some of our references.


We use the world-renowned Job Demand-Resources model, intertwined with scientifically validated questionnaires about health culture and lifestyle.

What do we measure?


  • The tool that gives 360° insight from a scientific basis.
    – Psychosocial (mental) factors
    – Lifestyle of your employees
    – Health culture within your company
  • Only company that has screening, consulting and implementation of solutions in-house.
  • Focuses not only on risk factors/stressors in the workplace, but also on energy sources.
  • Our scan measures how your employees perceive hybrid work.
  • Individual report with practical tips and tailor-made team reports (e.g. per department).

The Human Capital Scan is a co-creation of Better Minds at Work & Energy Lab.



Each employee receives an individual report immediately after completing the questionnaire, explaining the results and providing tailor-made advice that they can put to work immediately. 


To keep your finger on the pulse, it is possible to receive reports per team and pro- and reactively address workload and energy sources. Get concrete tools from our consultant to work with the results per team.


At the organisational level you will receive a report with all the results in it and you will get a complete picture of how your employees are really doing. You will receive tailor-made advice and actions you can take to improve the results.


We would like to present our working method for you when you want to start our Human Capital Scan:

During a meeting, we prepare an analysis and determine the working group: Relevant key figures within management, HR and prevention. We assess specific expectations and determine a timeline.
Positive communication is crucial to the success of this process. A positive introduction to employees increases the chance of a positive response. Any concerns regarding the anonymity should be addressed in advance. We provide communication together with the working group.
The questionnaire is distributed via email. Employees receive an individual link and can complete the questionnaite online. During a period of 3 weeks, employees will receive a reminder after 2 weeks to fill out the questionnaite. Employees receive an individual report with practical advice based on the results achieved.
We provide an analysis and report based on the completed questionnaires, in a clear and statistically understandable manner.
During a meeting we go over the results of the teams, as well as the entire organization. You will receive the main findings in a presentation. The working group (and team leaders) will also receive a digital report. Action points are formulated herein. Which energy sources can be stimulated? What are possible “quick turnarounds” and which aspects make a difference in the long term? Additional presentations may take place for the teams. In a team, we can co-create an action plan based on the results.
Based on the results and the sessions, we develop a concrete action plan, embedded in the HR processes of your organization. During the follow-up process, we act as a partner to serve with. We can also propose specific actions, workshops and coaching.

We provide brain-friendly reports that are informative for individual employees, team leaders and management. Each report provides concrete tools to get started in the short and long term. Better Minds at Work is also your partner to create support among your employees. After all, we bring a positive and enthusiastic story and ensure that the importance of the measurement is clearly experienced, before and after the measurement.

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The Human Capital Scan helped Nipro to measure the different elements of well-being at our company. It has been a great starting-point to start the discussion with our employees on the different topics that influence well-being and define an action plan where we want to work on. Both scan and report were easy to navigate and very insightful. The presentation of the results very energizing for the entire company.

Bart VanbambostChief Human Resources - Nipro Group

The well-being of our employees is very important to us and thanks to the Human Capital Scan we now know how our employees are doing. Elke Geraerts' enthusiasm during the kick-off inspired many people, which is why the response rate to the survey was very high. The clear statement that everyone is responsible for their own mental health and the concrete tips for improving it are very useful. The Human Capital Scan is a unique formula that not only measures the negative aspects, but also the positive aspects and engagement of our employees. The completeness of the process is very strong; both the individual report and the group reports at different levels give a clear picture of the mental well-being of your employees. Highly recommended for every organisation!

Fay Van WeddingenCEO AVA Papierwaren

At Vandeputte, we have made a conscious choice in our strategy to invest in mental well-being. We strongly believe that employees who feel good about themselves achieve better organisational results. To make this measurable, and not to base ourselves on what is going on in the corridors, we wanted to objectify this with the Human Capital Scan. One of the biggest advantages of this scan is that the survey does not only focus on stressors, but also on positive energy providers. This gives us a good idea of what is already good in our organisation - and what we can do even more on - and what we can still work on. We do this every two years and this was the third time that we have used the Better Minds at Work scan for this.

The Human Capital Scan is a high-quality scan, with a clear scientific basis, and with a concrete link to further actions and what we can improve. The big advantage and distinguishing feature is that tailor-made results and advice are given and that we can subsequently receive further support from Better Minds at Work. I can always sleep soundly because I know that everything is done very qualitatively and brain-friendly.

Tiny VerelstHR Manager Vandeputte Safety Experts

At Pelckmans publishers, we use the Human Capital Scan to identify the stressors and sources of energy and then to be able to focus on what can make employees grow.

We are happy to see that we are using the results consistently as a guide to support the growth of our organisation in the midst of change. This allows us to take steps in the further professionalization of our policy and the resilience of our human capital.

The 3-fold approach of the survey: individual, team and organisation was experienced by everyone as very qualitative. Employees received direct feedback on their own stressors and energizers in combination with practical tips to get to work immediately. Those who wished received support from a coach.

Together we strive to strengthen our collective resilience and consequently agility within Pelckmans, made possible thanks to the fine cooperation with Better Minds at Work!

Griet De BevereHR Manager Pelckmans Publishers

At Estée Lauder, we conducted a wellbeing measurement amongst our 1000+ employees in Belgium. Our employees were stimulated to participate with a nice video film and their answers gave us a very good insight into what gives them energy and which stressors they experience in the workplace. Moreover, we have a precise picture of existing burn-out complaints and which of the teams are the most enthusiastic at work. The approach is no-nonsense, cooperative and connecting. They are down to earth, have a lot of expertise and know how to be resilient, agile
and to convey passion. They have since become a part of the organization and have creative initiatives under their sleeves! The wellbeing measurement is highly recommended if you want to make your organization resilient!

Christel RuttensHR Manager at Estée Lauder

For our well-being survey, we were looking for a suitable partner. Someone with the know-how, scientifically based and effective to work with us.
Better Minds at Work was the ideal partner. They took our needs and questions into account. This during the preparation, during the administration of the questionnaire and afterwards. The Human Capital Scan resulted in a thorough overview with tips and recommendations at organizational level. We also received the analyses on group level. The results and recommendations were explained to the management in a no-nonsense manner. We experienced Better Minds at Work as an involved partner and are very satisfied!

Sofie DamenStaff & Organisation Coach, Gemeente Beerse

In the search for a partner for a well-being measurement, we compared this scan with three other parties. The Human Capital Scan immediately stood out because they also consciously measure all of the positive aspects within the workplace, such as the energy sources and the enthusiasm of employees. The results showed that this was the right decision: the analysis provides a much more complete picture when you can draw a balance between positive and negative aspects in your teams and then respond to both. You could fill in the questionnaire in about 20 minutes and that worked out great for all employees as the questions were very clearly formulated. The report with the results was presented very clearly and is extremely useful for our welfare policy. I received very concrete guidance and can certainly get started in the short as well as in the long term. An additional asset is their aftercare, they are a great partner, not just a supplier. Various employees are currently being guided by coaches in increasing their resilience.
In short, I can fully recommend the wellbeing measurement!

Ann De MolHR Manager at King Baudouin Foundation

We represent the VAPH for the preparation of a global prevention plan for the next 5 years. In order to start this exercise in a well prepared manner, we wanted to know what our employees encounter (get stress from) but also what gives them energy. We have previously worked with Better Minds at Work and since this was found to be positive and since they know about our organization, we decided to work with them for the risk assessment psychosocial well-being. Everything went very smoothly. We were given a clear framework and we could immediately start the questionnaire. In addition to an extensive report on the results, we received a nice presentation through a presentation of striking scores within the VAPH, both in a positive and negative sense. We also received partial reports (per department - per work location - per age group), which we subsequently continued to work with in workshops. For us, it has become a beautiful piece of work, full of materials that we are happy to work with. In communicating the results and formulating work actions, we also received valuable advice to work with further.

Marijke BosteelsHRM and Training Manager VAPH (Flemish agency for persons with disabilities)

At De Lage Landen we made a conscious decision to set up a project around the wellbeing of our members. We had already organized a number of workshops for this during COVID, such as Stress Detection and Mental Resilience. But we wanted to take a more structural approach and decided to have a Human Capital Mind Scan done by Better Minds at Work. We had decided to divide the results on a regional and global level, allowing us to launch projects at different levels. The result is fantastic, we now have about 20 projects launched at these different levels, all to improve the wellbeing of our members. The next step, when these projects have been rolled out, is to do another scan, to check if we have made the right decisions or if other emphases need to be placed. This was an absolute eye-opener for our organization.

Koen ClaeysDe Lage Landen International

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