Wellbeing Policy

Wellbeing Policy

Do you want to set up a new wellbeing policy in your organisation? A policy that goes further than preventing stress and burnout? Our consultants will help you on the way so that you take the right steps, and will consult with various stakeholders in your organisation. Our intervention can range from advice to co-creating a wellbeing policy together with some key players, to rolling out specific initiatives to anchor the wellbeing policy. You can expect a mapped-out wellbeing policy that will strengthen your employees mentally and physically.

Ann De Bisschop, Director of Wellbeing with MEDIALAAN and author of the book ‘Aftellen naar maandag – hoe slim werken je gelukkiger maakt’ (available in Dutch only; in English the title means “Countdown to Monday – How working cleverly makes you happier”), will be pleased to share her accumulated expertise with your organisation. Through her present and previous top management roles, she has sufficient persuasiveness and effectiveness to develop a powerful wellbeing policy that considers both physical and mental aspects.

She takes a holistic approach: an intake meeting with board members/management and also various peer support groups with employees using the start/stop/continue/change approach. An action plan is then presented and elaborated in more concrete terms. This gives companies which recognise the need for a Wellbeing Officer, but have no room in their structure, the opportunity to draw on an experienced consultant.

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