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The past two years have been a huge resilience experiment for organizations, and admittedly, for ourselves as well. Yet, we have witnessed many companies to take the pandemic as an opportunity: many work floor trends have been accelerated and the current time may give us a window to introduce and implement new ways of working. One thing is obvious: hybrid work is here to stay. However, we cannot simply copy-paste our way of working at the office to our homes. In the beginning of the crisis we adopted ways to work as efficiently as possible from our homes.

In our opinion, good for a while but not sustainable. Many challenges became obvious: how can we focus at home while we should be available online all day, how can we keep connection with our team and our company and how can leaders have a true impact on their team and their business? So it’s time for a reset: a start with a clean slate and take it from there. That’s why Better Minds at Work has created a new offering to support companies in their return to the office. As you may know, our team is keen on making this offer tailor-made to your company. Feel free to reach out and discuss with us how we can help you in maximizing your return to the office.

Our offer

Hybrid working program

Get to know our newly developed workshops, webinars, and microlearnings (podcast, video)

Wellbeing / hybrid work policy

Experience what our support could mean for setting up sound policies on wellbeing and hybrid work.

Better Leaders
at Work

Vital for a hybrid context is leadership. Explore our offer in preparing your leaders for new ways of leading.  

Better Minds Coaching

The hybrid context boils down to the resilient individual. Our coaches are ready to support your individual employees.  


Experience our sessions to make the best out of hybrid working!

Better Minds at Work developed several workshops in which we address the most relevant topics: How to start a reset, how to integrate hybrid working and living, how to strengthen resilience, how to focus when working remotely, how to connect within your team, and last but not least how to embrace the future of work with a growth mindset.

As a company you can choose to roll out an entire HYBRID WORKING program or to selectively opt for single sessions. In any case, our team will make sure to finetune it to the challenges and opportunities in your organization. On top of that, we can develop microlearnings (video/podcast) to sustain our impact as long as possible.

Discover our sessions

At Spadel, we were looking for a reliable partner who was able to combine our ‘new’ hybrid working models with a strong wellbeing component. A policy by the people, for the people. I can only recommend the professionalism and high expertise that Better Minds at Work can offer during this important transition. Not only acting as an active partner, but also understanding the specificities of our company and its needs. The policy is reflecting all what we stand for in terms of values, and where we want to go in terms of company in which people are our most important capital. We are very happy with the outcome of our policy and Better Minds at Work did contribute to its success!

Eveline SpranghGroup Talent Manager & Internal Communications, Spadel


We assist you in creating sustainable policies on wellbeing and hybrid working

New ways of working require new policies. Communication about new rules is key but how do you start? And how do you involve your employees? Right at the start or only at the end, or somewhere in between? Our team has experience in supporting all these variants. We can assist you in co-writing a hybrid work policy and setting up workshops to implement this new policy.

For instance, at Spadel we were involved in co-writing the policy and ‘golden rules’ on hybrid work for all their employees, while at Telenet we will be assisting their 2000+ employees in incorporating the new policy upon return to the office. At Fluvius we created a creative video series to support their hybrid work policy while at Cegeka, we had a series of workshops to let employees co-create their hybrid work charter. In short, feel free to reach out and ask our support to get the hybrid ball rolling!

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we challenge your leaders to maximize the hybrid context

How did you experience the leadership in your company during the pandemic? Which leaders made a difference during the pandemic? As a leader, what was your biggest challenge in your team?

The pandemic accentuates the need for leadership more than ever. Organizations with mature leaders have an edge now and after the pandemic. Actually, a gi-gan-tic edge. If you can strengthen your leadership now, you will be on the starting blocks for a sustainable and profitable future with committed employees – inspired by their leaders. Therefore, invest in leadership development just now.

Our team of Better Minds at Work will guide you in that process. Expect an approach tailored to your leaders (senior and younger leaders) and your organization. Feel free to reach out and get to know all our possibilities, ranging from a single session (how to connect within your team, how to detect stress, how to communicate while working remotely etc) to a full-blown leadership program.

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Find out how our coaches can support your employees

More than ever we see that organizations are focusing on the individual employee. It’s only when each employee is doing well, that the team can flourish. Especially in these challenging times, some individual support may be beneficial. Our coaches are ready to provide you the best support. Many of our clients use our coaching platform on which employees can choose the kind of coaching and coach they would like. Coaching can take place online, in a location chosen by you or the coachee or you can often find us in the woods! Expect a clear ROI and communication to HR to reach sustainable effects of our coaching.

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The hybrid context boils down to the resilient individual. Our coaches are ready to support your individual employees.

Do you want to support the growth of individual employees or teams? Our team is ready to coach your people in all kinds of issues relating to burnout, resilience, wellbeing, optimizing hybrid work and leadership. Options: preventive, curative and leadership coaching in which we will always look for the right match for your employees.


and we keep on supporting your return to the office

Our mission ‘impact on people and society‘ is very relevant these days. We look back at many months of support of our clients during the pandemic. We have had the opportunity to assist many (multi)national companies in building resilience and agility throughout the crisis. We have been touched by a lot of emotional challenges people were experiencing. Our webinars that reached people from Peru to New Zealand, South Africa, China and Scandinavia and almost everything in between showed us how big the challenge has been on everyone. But now it’s time to look forward and bounce forward! That’s exactly why we reach out to you with our new offering. We hope that we can help you with the opportunities that the new way of working is providing you.

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Let’s talk! This offer is of course only relevant if we can tailor it to your company. Let’s see how we can align and inspire you during a virtual coffee with us.

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