Keynote speakers

Every Better Minds at Work speaker is a sensation in his or her field. They have completed many years of study, carried out research, written books, made their name, won awards and amassed vast work experience. What makes them particularly unique is their desire to share their expertise with you.

Elke Geraerts

The Mental Reset, Mental Resilience & ...

Erik Franck

Leadership, stressmanagement & more

Carolien Van Den Bosch

Time to Energise

Anneleen De Lille

Think Healthy: From Thinking to Doing

Niels Thijssen

Succesful failure

Aisha Cortoos

Take a break to accelerate

Joke De Clercq

Brain lecture

Dominique Monami

Boost Your Energy, A Golden State Of Mind

Kristien Van Bruystegem

Deconnect to reconnect

Marie Loop

Let's talk about mental health

Axelle Golinvaux

Stress Prevention

Steven Laureys

The power of the mind & meditation

Elke Smeets

Getting Unstuck / Oxygen Mask

Paul Van Den Bosch

Act Like A Coach, Stress as ...

Tony Crabbe

Never Too Busy

Florence Pérès

Focus your brain

Chantal Van Der Brempt

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