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Marie Loop

Marie Loop is a senior speaker, consultant and coach at Better Minds at Work. After her studies in Psychopedagogy (K.ULeuven), Marie Loop has enriched her curriculum with trainings in Contextual Therapy and Resilience Coaching. In all het professional choices, connecting people has always been the base line. Her work is her passion; in our team, Marie is a gifted speaker who shares all her insights in an impactful way and who knows how to engage everyone in the room.


Lets’ talk about mental health

The power of a good conversation 

Excessive stress and the mental problems that come as a side effect: for many employees this remains a difficult topic to bring on, especially to colleagues or their manager. A missed opportunity, because scientific research clearly shows that just talking about your issues already makes a big difference. A genuine conversation makes people feel supported and may prevent problems from escalating unnecessarily.

Focusing on a psychologically safe atmosphere at work – where people can be themselves and feel free to also share more difficult feelings with each other: it is the only future-oriented choice for companies today.

Do you feel your team or organization could use some assistance with this topic? Then this is the workshop for you!

Mental Resilience

A brain gym to deal with stress and change

We live in volatile times and that has a huge impact on how we live and work. It is precisely in these challenging times that we need to keep our heads above water and be resilient.

During this session we will share all our insights on mental resilience and how to be agile in the context of the challenges we face. Expect an eye opener that makes it crystal clear that investing in your own brain leads to more agility, energy and happiness and less stress and anxiety. With the bestseller Better Minds (initially published as Mentaal Kapitaal) as a common thread, you learn how your brain exactly works and you discover techniques to strengthen your energy and focus and to get through this change with sufficient motivation. In a 48-hour challenge, we will push you to apply a number of tips and tricks in practice straight away. A must-see to thrive in these challenging times!

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