In these in-depth inspiration sessions, we will take action with your employees. We have selected a number of relevant topics that will bring their full potential to the surface.

Mental Capital

This workshop explains the most important components of mental resilience. The perfect antidote to burnout, but also an eye-opener that makes it clear that investing in personal resilience leads to greater productivity and happiness.

Stress Detection

We will talk about what stress is and the different expressions and degrees of it, in yourself and other people. This workshop will give you a good idea of how to detect stress and to talk about it with colleagues.

No Guts No Glory

An impelling plea to be a “Calihero” instead of a Calimero more often, to put yourself in the driver’s seat more. The result: more ownership and more conscious action by your employees.

Reprogramming: Towards a new mindset!

Every computer has settings, so does our brain. Those settings have an immense impact on our productivity and mental agility. In our rapidly changing society, it is necessary to regularly review and change these settings. We as human beings are at the controls of our brains. Each of us has the mental power to give a new direction to not only his life, but also the course of the organization.

No is the new yes: The importance of setting boundaries

In this workshop, you will learn why it is so difficult for humans to say no. Expect an in-depth, motivating workshop in which you learn to choose consciously for more autonomy, strength and mastery, with better results as a direct outcome.

Trust @ work: Building trust

Trust is not something you have but you need to earn it. In this very experiential workshop, you will question yourself. To what extent are you authentic? To what extent do you invest in the relationship with yourself? Do you lead your colleagues to a closer cooperation and a more real connection? Above all: what can you do to optimize this?

Our creative capital: Imagination in power

In this workshop we are going to do this literally and metaphorically. Release the floodgates of your brain, put all your knowledge in one pile and get the best out of it. After all, today is no longer I think, therefore I am, but I Imagine, therefore I am.

Move Your Brain

In this workshop, we set the brain in motion mentally and physically and learn techniques to experience more focus and energy. Expect easy-to-apply brain training with which you will take the first crucial steps towards more focus immediately.

Hunting Elephans

In the Hunting Elephants, Chasing Rabbits, Eating Frogs workshop, we provide insights into your attention that will have an enormous impact on the effectiveness of your work. We will teach you how to set your priorities to times when your attention is at its best. Away with time management, this is about attention management!

Digital Balance

We encourage participants to be less connected with the virtual world, but all the more connected with themselves and the people around them so as to find our “tech/life balance”.

Shut your eyes to Energise

In the Shut your eyes to Energise workshop, Professor Erik Franck shares his insights into quality sleep. Very actionable and high-impact, resulting in more energetic employees.

Healthy Food

Do not expect a typical information session on nutrition, but a practical session that will give you insights and also inspire you to get started that very evening!

Boost Your Energy

In an interactive and energetic style, Dominique Monami delivers her insights into how you can give your energy level a big boost. Expect a workshop with a lot of energy and the motivation to keep boosting that energy!

Work Life Integration

This workshop sheds light on the most important components of mental resilience. This is the perfect antidote to burnout, but also an eye-opener that makes it clear that investing in your personal resilience leads to more productivity and happiness.

Diversity in My Team

In the workplace of today, there can easily be four generations working together, all with different backgrounds. This diversity has enormous potential. In this workshop, we will introduce you to your diverse colleagues and challenge you to bring out your strengths.

I’m Possible

We will inspire you to take ownership of your own career and to further develop your talents and competences so as to enhance your long-term employability. We will show you what lends you energy in your work and your life and how you can unleash your talents and ambitions in your present job.


In this workshop, we will not only work on your ability to deal more effectively with major change but also on your mindset. After all, getting moving yourself is the key to finding your feet faster in a changing context. The result: the more ‘change fit’ you are, the greater your resilience!

Team Dynamic

In the workshop Turning Team Dynamite into Team Dynamic, Professor Aline Bauwens will introduce you to the dynamics of a team. She will inspire you to set aside the ‘team dynamite’ and make way for an energetic and close-knit ‘team dynamic’.

Whistling to work

Vital organizations with enthousiastic employees are more successful, more innovative and more productive. Their employees are more involved and connected to each other, they do their work with pleasure and energy and are therefore more employable. And the good news is: everyone can enthousiastic!

Resilient Communication

Emotional intelligence and empathy are the skills needed to work together successfully and form the basis of resilient communication, in which you empower the other person and remain empowered yourself. In this workshop, we indicate how you can communicate with greater positivity, clarity and assertiveness.

The Cockpit

Nowhere do you find such clear communication as between pilots in the cockpit. Professor Erik Franck relates the principles of cockpit communication to the way we communicate in the workplace, and reveals special insights about partnership, equality, responsibility and ownership.

Action Stations!

We will develop a number of communication scenarios tailored to your team and then start working with you. Expect a hands-on workshop that provides you with concrete tools for your communication in your team.

Tailor-made workshops

We are happy to fine-tune our workshops to fit your organisation.

In addition to the workshops presented here, we also provide in-depth workshops to bring about behavioural change or anchor specific topics even more solidly.

Contact us for more info about our What are you waiting for? – workshops.


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