Workshop Mental Capital

Topic: Mental Capital

Mental Capital

Did you know that high mental resilience is the antidote to stress and burnout and that we can influence our behaviour in order to strengthen our mental defences? By working actively on your resilience, you make yourself, your family and your working environment stronger. Taking the bestseller Mentaal Kapitaal (Better Minds) as a guideline, you will learn that strengthening the brain will make you more resistant to the stressful challenges of these times.

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What will you come away with?

  • The ability to recognise stress signals in yourself and your colleagues
  • A preventive approach to stress and burnout
  • The ability to reduce the number of stressors and learn how to deal with specific stressors
  • The ability to apply levers of mental resilience to your own workplace situation
  • The ability to get more energy from your work
  • The importance of a positive working culture
  • An action plan for increased mental resilience tailored to your situation
  • A 48-hour challenge to put a number of tips to the test
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