We are Better Minds at Work

And will be pleased to help you generate the full human potential in your organisation.

Our guiding principle

“We want to disseminate new scientific insights on a broad front: we aspire to a genuine ‘mental revolution’, spreading vital knowledge about mental resilience across all sectors, functions, generations and cultures.”

Elke Geraerts, CEO

We are convinced that the best way to grow and be successful lies in making others great. This credo applies both to ourselves as a partner organisation, and to our customers: we focus on future-oriented organisations that constantly invest in the development of their people.

Our Vision

The success of organisations depends more and more on the quality of their relations with employees and on their impact on the broader social context. In striving for a successful future from these two perspectives, companies around the world may need adequate support. It is the ambition of Better Minds at Work to be a strong partner for them.

Our mission

We target a positive impact on people and society. We strive for sustainable relationships with all stakeholders so as to create powerful and inspired circles that keep on widening. We want to connect and be connected.

Our promises

Expect evidence-based techniques. Expect interaction. A lot of interaction. Expect authenticity.  Expect experience-oriented learning. Expect fun. Expect challenges and tips & tricks. Expect very experienced trainers and coaches. Expect a positive mindset. Expect inspiration. Expect connection. Expect interest. Expect agility. Expect a partnership: we only let go once we see sustainable anchoring. Expect energy!

Meet the Better Minds at Work Team

Elke Geraerts


Elke Geraerts has a PhD in psychology and is the author of the bestsellers Mentaal Kapitaal (English title: Better Minds) and Het Nieuwe Mentaal. She has the ability to hold her audience’s attention from start to finish and offers insights about the brain that can have a lifelong impact.

Ann Devynck

As a development-oriented coach, Ann is committed to the sustainable development of people and organization. She guides individuals, managers and organizations to act from strength, so that they are capable of much more than what they think and believe. Ann has the talent to really make people grow. She also has a very broad business experience on both sides of the HR table, which makes Ann an exceptional coach & HR expert. Ann is known for her people-oriented approach in an atmosphere of mutual trust. Discretion, thoroughness and pro-activity are the foundation of her success. Straightforward, positive, supportive and passionate, she guides changes on and off the work floor.

Els Schepens

Els Schepens is a psychotherapist and organization coach. Within Better Minds at Work she is responsible for various coaching courses, she gives workshops and she is a coach herself. In addition, she coaches the University Colleges Leuven- Limburg managers on resilience to stress and work pressure. The common thread through Els' activities is passion for the growth of people.

Erik Franck

Erik Franck is a psychologist and behavioral therapist. He is a part-time Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Antwerp where he teaches people management to doctors and nurses. Since 2003 he has been working as a clinical psychologist, with specializations in burnout and sleep problems. Within Better Minds At work he gives training, coaching, and workshops in organizations internationally on themes such as professional well-being, burn-out, quality of sleep, resilient communication and (coaching) leadership.

Virginie Dua

Virginie Dua followed communication management in Antwerp and Madrid. At Duvel Moortgat she held various management positions. Within Better Minds at Work, Virginie developed several workshops and she is now known as a trainer who is enthusiastic and empathetic and always provides practical tools.

Anneleen De Lille

Anneleen De Lille holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling (University of Nottingham) and is a certified solution-focused coach. She specialises in changing habits. She discovered her passion for coaching in the United Kingdom, where she studied and worked for four years. In her book Denk Gezond Dieet Gezond (available in Dutch only; in English the title means “Think Healthy, Eat Healthy”; 2017, Lannoo), she shares her insights into how you can break bad habits and develop and keep good ones. Anneleen is an energetic speaker and is unrivalled in her ability to communicate her knowledge in a very accessible and actionable way.

Dominique Monami

Dominique Monami was the leading lady in the tennis world in the 90s. She was the first Belgian woman in the world Top 10 and she won with Els Callens a bronze medal at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. She is known for her positive attitude, strong character and passion. Dominique has been a mental coach in the business and sports world for more than 14 years. She is keen to share concrete tips and tricks that you can immediately implement in your professional and private life.

Elke Smeets

Elke Smeets has a PhD in psychology and lectures in positive psychology at the University of Maastricht. Elke is an internationally recognised expert in positive psychology. She is unrivalled in her ability to link academic insights to years of practical experience. Elke is co-author of the book Geluk & optimisme (available in Dutch only; in English the title means “Happiness & optimism”). One thing is certain: during her keynotes Elke will touch and inspire you and stimulate you to action.

Muriel Velu

Muriel Velu holds a degree in business management and pedagogical sciences. She built up years of experience in her family business through the development of business and HR processes. She also trained herself as a professional coach. Her passions are motivating people and letting them grow, promoting communicative skills and guiding change processes. Within Better Minds at Work she gives workshops and coaching in Dutch, French and English. As trainer/coach, her strengths are: practical, efficient and solution-oriented. Spontaneity, enthusiasm and optimism are some words that characterize her.

Axelle Golinvaux

Axelle Golinvaux is a business psychologist & certified business coach. Her mission is to contribute to mental well-being and to empower people in their careers. Axelle, who looks back on 20 years of HR experience in the business world, coaches and trains from a positive approach that shows insight, acumen, authenticity and humor.

Katrien Van Ostaede

A coach and trainer for Better Minds at Work, Katrien draws her strength and expertise from many years of experience. She never stops learning and developing new ideas for her clients—challenging both them and herself. Her strong belief in her clients’ resilience and her ability to help them results in effective change.
Katrien also has fourteen years experience in HR. She is a certified stress and burnout coach, and career coach—who trains and coaches equally fluently in Dutch, French, and English.
She believes listening to people tell their stories is vitally important because no person or organization faces the same challenges—they each have different strengths, weaknesses, and ambitions. With Katrien’s combined expertise and empathy, she helps her clients find their best solutions.
At the core of Katrien’s interactive method is trust, rapport, and understanding—without losing sight of the end goal and producing tangible results. She encourages everyone to evolve and improve at a pace and in a way that not only meets their goal but results in a happier more productive person or organization.

Claudia Poels

Her mission is to guide successful leaders and entrepreneurs in realizing their full potential as inspiring leaders.
Claudia Poels is fascinated by people, their motives, their behavior and personal growth throughout life. Not only in doing so. Also in their way of being. As a human being and as a leader. For the past 28 years Claudia has been active in the business world, the last 18 of which as HR director. After a successful career as a board member at Telenet and EDS, Claudia complemented her backpack with an in-depth and transformational training in the coaching profession.
The expertise, perspective and experience she has built up in the business world ensure a relevant and credible input into her current role as executive coach for senior leaders and entrepreneurs. Others describe Claudia as positive, result-oriented with a no-nonsense style and clear and respectful communication. Discretion is her trademark.
Claudia offers a safe sounding board, where there is room for great openness and trust, without judgement. In conversations, her role is to continue asking and mirroring, while giving the coachee time and space to reflect and distance herself, thus finding new & positive directions that allow their teams to make decisions with which they can continue to work. The result is a boost of energy and increased personal resilience as a role model and a leader.
Helene feuillat

Hélène Feuillat

Hélène Feuillat supports organisations and individuals in their development, individually or as a team, on topics such as self-confidence and trust within the group, interpersonal communication, leadership and empowerment, resilience, diversity and the inclusion of genres, cultures and personalities.
To help them, Hélène can draw on her 15 years of managerial experience in an international environment, as well as her practice of coaching and training for more than 10 years. Hélène is certified in coaching at Coaching Ways / BAO Elan Vital and is an ICF member. Hélène's personality in a few words: curious, pragmatic, resilient and enthusiastic!

Remy Van Gelder

Engagement comes about when professionals are in their power and organizations create the conditions for working well and optimally. It is Remy's passion to support professionals and organizations in this unique combination and to increase the resilience and energy of employees. He does this by providing training, workshops, inspiring lectures and facilitating change within teams and organizations.

From the participants in his training and workshops he recovers that he can easily switch in the process, depending on what is needed and that he has a dynamic and energetic approach that moves people. He uses his extensive experience as a trainer, facilitator and coach.

When he is not at work, he walks around with a camera, makes nice trips, sings a happy note or he is exercising. In addition, he is - curious as he is - always open to discovering new things and learning new skills.

Anja Van Nueten

Anja Van Nueten was responsible for Internal Communication and People Development for over 20 years in a multinational. Her entrepreneurial spirit ensured that Anja specialized in individual career and burnout guidance. For Better Minds at Work, Anja is a coach and trainer and advises companies on how to use their internal communication to make their employees ambassadors and generate involvement. Besides empathetic, Anja is also result-oriented. Active follow-up, with a warm smile and attention tailored to the customer.
Tom Dijckmans

Tom Dijckmans

Tom Dijckmans is a labor and organization psychologist. Tom has been active in the HR field for more than 20 years, with an emphasis on the domain of Education & Development. Tom's goal as a psychologist: to literally and figuratively move people. Our customers love his practical and no-nonsense approach, which is based on strong theoretical baggage. Tom is also a lecturer at the Karel de Grote College in Antwerp where he teaches HRM and Work Psychology.

Miet Leijssen

Miet Leijssen is a sociologist and applies an appreciative and solution-oriented approach in her coaching, training and workshops. She has extensive experience in HR management in both small and large companies. She is passionate about our ability to strengthen resilience and focus and inspires in her workshops. She is also certified Insights Discovery trainer and can create a fascinating team meeting. Within Better Minds at Work she developed several workshops on ‘focus’.

Nele Lenaers

Nele Lenaers is a medical doctor (KULeuven). She started her career as a general practitioner and became a company doctor. In this position she has daily contacts with employees and employers, she knows companies from the inside, she often participates in reintegration processes and helps to implement a welfare policy.

In order to give her work more depth, she followed various coaching courses. For Better Minds at Work you can call upon her as a coach, trainer and consultant. As a trainer, she combines tranquility with stimulating insights that are scientifically based.

Peace, solidity and a holistic view of people and their context characterize Nele.

Carolien Van Den Bosch

Carolien Van Den Bosch is a professional speaker and coach at Better Minds at Work. Her holistic approach to body and mind sets a person completely in motion. Carolien's vision on functional movement, correctly nourishing your body and mental resilience is strengthened by evidence-based training courses she followed in Belgium and the Netherlands. Moreover, her many years of experience in business as a business banker and consultant makes her the perfect sparring partner for managers with regard to the mental challenges surrounding their business operations. Expect Carolien lectures that will last a long time and inspire your employees to get started!

Being able to assist her coachees in their journey in the most complete way, Carolien considers it a privilege. Listening, inspiring and motivating. She is guided by a motto that forms the common thread throughout her coaching trajectories and far beyond. 'Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.'

Katelijne Van Tichelen

Katelijne Van Tichelen has been active as a coach, facilitator and consultant for more than 20 years. Her specializations are leadership and team coaching. She works, among other things, with management and management teams towards a healthy culture. As a system coach and accredited Insights facilitator she knows how to hit people and organizations and get them moving. The right action, in the right way, at the right time is her approach. Analytical depth, no-nonsense and a warm human approach are her assets. Together with her coachees, Katelijne strives for an optimal energetic balance and realistic results.

Florence Pérès

Florence Pérès contributed to the development and growth of the internet in Belgium and remained active in the digital world for 20 years. In a parallel course she did studies for health consultant, mindfulness trainer and stress and burnout coach. The focus of her lectures is learning to deal with stress and building resilience. You can find her expertise in technology and digital media in the programs she has developed for the sensitization of techno stress and for digital detox. She is the author of the book Digital Detox (Lannoo, 2017; for now only in Dutch).

Aline Bauwens

Aline Bauwens effectively combines scientific insights and 15 years of academic research experience with a wealth of practical experience focused on positive psychology. She is a recognised mediator in social affairs and takes a solution-oriented approach to mediation. Aline is associated as a visiting professor with the Erasmus University College Brussels, where she teaches conflict resolution and conflict management. In her keynotes, Aline combines a lot of experience, hands-on insights and playful stories.

Tony Crabbe

Tony Crabbe is a business psychologist and works as a consultant for Microsoft and Disney, among other companies. He is associated with the University of London and lives in Spain with his wife and three children. He rose to world fame with his international bestseller Busy. Tony has the ability to inspire his audience to go about things in a more focused way.

Johnny Weustenraed

Johnny Weustenraed is an integrative psychotherapist and professional coach. Within Better Minds at Work he is responsible for various coaching courses and workshops and he supports employees with stress and burnout complaints. He is also a lecturer at the University Colleges Leuven-Limburg and trains executives and teams in the development of communication skills. His approach is stimulating, caring, connecting, practical, efficient, spontaneous and goal-oriented with some humor.

Paul Van Den Bosch

Paul Van Den Bosch is Master in Physical Education and Movement Sciences. He worked in his 25-year coaching career with top athletes like Eric Geboers, Georges Jobé, Marc Herremans, Luc Van Lierde, Sven Nys, the cyclists of the cycling team of LOTTO Soudal and many others. With his athletes he won five European titles and ten world titles in five different sports disciplines. Paul Van Den Bosch wrote 16 (sports) books, some of which were translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. In 2009 he set up the Energy Lab training and guidance center with Bob Verbeeck from the sports marketing agency GOLAZO Sports. During his speeches and coaching Paul focuses on the necessary skills to strengthen resilience.

Katelijne Van Tichelen

Katelijne Van Tichelen has been active as a coach, facilitator and consultant for more than 20 years. Her specializations are leadership and team coaching. She works, among other things, with management and management teams towards a healthy culture. As a system coach and accredited Insights facilitator she knows how to hit people and organizations and get them moving. The right action, in the right way, at the right time is her approach. Analytical depth, no-nonsense and a warm human approach are her assets. Together with her coachees, Katelijne strives for an optimal energetic balance and realistic results.

Marie Loop

After completing her Psycho-edagogics studies at the K.U.Leuven, Marie Loop supplemented her curriculum with training in contextual therapy and resilience coaching. She is part of the brain behind MyCoach, an online tool for strengthening resilience in the workplace. With her professional choices, connecting people is central. She is one of the lucky ones who could make use of their passion and helps others to do the same.

Kris Colpaert

Kris Colpaert is a labor psychologist and certified coach. She has been active in the business world for more than twenty years, within Human Resources. As a coach she works on personal development, stress and burn-out and career guidance. As a consultant she mainly works in companies to develop a positive HR policy, in which the welfare of every employee is central. She gives lectures and workshops around her book 'Dare, 8 building blocks to step out of your comfort zone'. Topics such as developing your growth mindset, developing a positive mindset, looking for your passion and talents, and using your vulnerability positively are also subjects that they develop with passion. In addition, she is also a lecturer at the University of Ghent.

An Verheyen

Office Manager

An Verheyen is Office Manager at Better Minds at Work and the person who ensures that the organizational and administrative work in our organization runs smoothly. Her years of experience make her pro-active, solution-oriented, thorough and efficient. Mail her with your questions: [email protected]

Nathalie Ghesquière

Nathalie is the Digital Mind Catalyst in the Better Minds at Work team. She combines her expertise in psychology with her passion for all things that are digital. She graduated as a psychological consultant within the organisational psychology course and specialized in well-being at work. Her enthusiasm and growing mindset make her an indispensable link in making our knowledge and insights as accessible as possible to our clients in a digital way.

You’re in good company

We are convinced that the best way
to grow and be successful lies in making others great. This credo applies both to ourselves as a partner organisation and to our customers: we focus on future-oriented organisations that constantly invest in the development of their people.

The Better Minds at Work team has earned the trust not only of large multinationals, but also of SMEs, public agencies and educational institutions in Belgium and abroad. For years Better Minds at Work was the partner for the Flemish Government to strengthen the resilience of their more than 40,000 employees.

“The team of Better Minds at Work are helping BESIX worldwide to create a company where Resilience is not only being preached, but also trained and supported. They deliver great insight in how managers and employees can focus on what truly matters, be attentive to detect those that need our help more and how everybody can become more resilient through balance and taking care of each other.”

Geert AelbrechtHR Director BESIX Group

“Virginie Dua was our keynote speaker during our 4th Sanofi EU Marketing & Sales Meeting last May in Paris. Our team of 80 international members was very enthusiastic about her performance throughout the meeting. Virginie understood the aim of our meeting all too well and prepared a session that exceeded our expectations. She has a style that I can describe best as being enthusiastic, creative, and spontaneous. She shares her insights on the brain and mental energy in a very practical way and is agile throughout her sessions and interacts with the audience in the best way possible. Virginie can attract the attention of the entire audience and with her knowledge she is able to receive a lot of respect. On top of the that, many international teams followed her call to action and are already installing methods to work in a more energizing and brain-friendly way. I can definitely recommend Virginie Dua and in general, Better Minds at Work.”

Marie-Laure SimonartCommercial Director Europe MS, Sanofi

“Elke is one of those rare talented people that have the capability to integrate research findings and real-life examples into clear insights and practical recommendations. She does this at ease as well in her books and in her real-life contributions. Thanks to her enthusiasm and knowhow resilience becomes a touchable, concrete thing that matters, not only in what we think but for sure in what we can do. 'Rabbits and elephants are from now on different animals.'”

Jan Van AcoleyenHR Director Proximus

“Disruptive. That is probably the single best word to describe the impact of my first meeting and interaction with Elke and Pia. First of all, no technology distractions when meeting with Elke at Better Minds at Work (laptops, screens, ...). Since I work at a high-tech R&D company (3500 engineers), this focus on interaction was the first sign of something different. More smiles too. Meeting with them, I wanted to remember every sentence. It all made sense. Grounded in science, but applicable in daily life. Since I am working at developing technology for preventive health and behavior change, getting Better Minds At Work's insights, suggestions, feedback was an essential step in shaping our program. I highly recommend meeting the Better Minds At Work team.”

Chris Van HoofSenior Director imec

“I had the chance to attend two keynotes on resilience and the good thing is that they ‘stick’. During the session you get real-life examples supported by a scientific background, which makes it really tangible. Also, great to see the level of interaction and connection with the audience. When the keynote ends you can start working with the tools in your hands. Your next day in the office will not be same...”

Olivier MailletProduction Manager AB InBev

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