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Niels Thijssen

With a background in organizational science, Niels soon chose life as an entrepreneur and coach in elite sports. He won national and European titles in the Netherlands and Belgium. And also failed to make or lose finals. Status and fear won with Niels for years, intuition and wisdom lost. Now he is where he wants to be and with his unique conviction he helps professionals, leaders and teams use their full potential.


Successful failure

To stand still is to move forward

Winning represents success, losing represents failure. Welcome to the world of top sports. Using his own authentic examples, Niels takes you through his unique perspective on behavioral change and personal development. There is so much to gain from losses, from resistance, from not feeling comfortable. But how do you do that?
After 15 years as a coach in field hockey, the last 5 of which with the Red Panthers, Niels chooses to quit in 2020. He got where he always dreamed of and at that very moment he knew for sure that he wanted to change.

A look back at a career in which he eventually became a person he no longer wanted to be. Niels hopes to inspire to reflect more often on what we think, feel and do. To create moments of awareness more often to make choices from there that actually lead to changing behavior, becoming a finer person, colleague and leader.

Connected Leadership

Developing a coach mindset

As today’s work environment is drastically changing, leadership must change as well. The shifts of social and political turbulence, work-life integration and flexible work arrangements are redefining the leader-employee dynamic into a human-to-human relationship.

This dynamic pushes leaders to display what we call Connected Leadership. Connected to our planet, connected to the organization and its people, and connected to ourselves as leaders.

The demand from your workforce to be seen, heard, and treated as an individual person, not just an employee, is bigger than ever. How do you combine answering to both external pressure of a changing world and that internal call to show genuine care for your team members?

In this keynote talk Niels Thijssen & Better Minds at Work give you a clear idea on connected leadership and how your coaching skills make your team future-proof. Find out what leadership skills you need to give priority to, how you can motivate your team to go the extra mile and how a future-focused approach may make your team more resilient than ever.

A must experience if you want to future-proof your leadership!

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