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We will give advice on how you as an organisation can set out an HR policy for the year 2022. What HR ingredients will make your company future-proof? We will develop a wellbeing policy with you, zoom further in on the prevention of and reintegration after burnout and keep a finger on the pulse of stress and energy.

Human Capital Scan

Better Minds at Work offers a psychosocial stress risk analysis. Companies are obliged by Belgian law to identify their psychosocial stress risk factors.

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Focus policy

Do you have questions about whether or not to draw up guidelines on connectivity? How do you as a company or supervisor deal with flex work and “the right to unavailability or deconnection”?

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Wellbeing policy

Do you want to set up a new wellbeing policy in your organisation? A policy that goes further than preventing stress and burnout? Our consultants will help you on the way.

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