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Chantal Van der Brempt

Chantal Van der Brempt is a passionate and certified nutritionist, captivating keynote speaker, and esteemed TV columnist, whose sparkling personality and relaxed yet scientific approach leaves a lasting impression on people. She advocates a back-to-basics methodology, emphasizing that knowing how to eat healthy without taking action is still a beginner’s approach. In addition to bridging the gap between knowledge and action, Chantal surprises the audience with fresh insights, fact checks, intriguing stories, and exciting discoveries about food and nutrition igniting passion, drive, and a sizzling transformation in the audience.


Mental Wellness: The Transformative Power of Food

Chantal’s distinctive approach is her preference for promoting optimal nutrition rather than striving for perfection, as the former is sustainable in the long term while the latter often leads to abandonment and a tendency towards extreme opposite behaviours. That’s why she likes to refer to her keynotes as ‘practical wisdom amidst everyday chaos’.

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Mental wellness

In this session Chantal embarks you on a fascinating journey as she delves into the awe-inspiring realm where food, brain and gut intertwine. You will acquire simple yet effective strategies to incorporate brain-boosting foods into your daily routine. These strategies will unlock your mind’s full potential, helping you overcome brain fog and emotional rollercoasters while boosting your energy and cognitive functioning. Chantal also ensures that her advice is doable, even for busy individuals who may struggle to find time for cooking.

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Emotional stability

Experiencing overwhelming stress on one hand, and a lack of energy on the other, is a daily happening for many of us. Often, we resort to quick fixes such as indulging in sugary, high-fat, and caffeinated foods, hoping they will provide us with the courage and strength we seek. The problem is…it works! At least for the time being because relying on these quick fixes, especially when repeated daily, rarely leads to positive outcomes in the long term. Over time this lifestyle will take a toll on both your physical and mental well-being.

Fortunately, there is an alternative approach. Learn in this session how to turn your diet into an daily ally rather than a sneaky adversary.

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