Dominique Monami

In the 1990s, Dominique Monamiwas the leading lady of the tennis world. She was the first Belgian in the world Top 10 and won a bronze medal at the Sydney Olympic Games. She is well known for her positive attitude, strong character and passion. Dominique has been a mental coach in the worlds of business and sport for more than 15 years and is eager to share her insights about energy.


Boost your energy

In this keynote, Dominique makes the comparison between a professional athlete and a business athlete. The careers are comparable: to master the fast pace, you have to develop your emotional, mental and physical qualities effectively. Dominique gives practical tips on how you can boost your energy on all three levels. Expect an energetic keynote with insights you can apply immediately to your work and personal life.

A golden state of mind

Everyone has a number of dreams in life. Motivation is the keyword for realising your dreams and looking the future in the eye to good effect. In this keynote, Dominique discusses what you need to achieve your goals. She calls that a golden state of mind.

She tells you what attitude you need in order to grow and inspires you to step outside your comfort zone and increase both your success and your pleasure.

How others think about Dominique Monami

“’It’s always a pleasure to work together with Dominique. Always in a good mood and the targets of the sessions are always achieved. If it’s about burn out prevention, stress management, result optimisation or refine pleasure in the job, Dominique always makes an interesting, inspiring and very clear link between the sports- and business world.”

Gobbe PatrickManaging Director Belfius Hainaut & Senne

“The first time I met Dominique was at the time she teaches a very interesting session for our Top Management Division, about 1.000 managers”.Her wisdom based on her sport experience, the way she handles stress. She gave a lot of very practical tips and tricks. I was really surprised how useful sport experience can be in a business environment. Thanks to her dynamics and enthusiasm Dominique made a lot clear to our managers.”

Kurt Van RaemdonckDivision Director P&O FOD

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