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Kristien Van Bruystegem

Kristien is a Master in Commercial Engineering, specialising in Organisational Behaviour. She also obtained an additional Master’s degree in Anthropology and is a Solution Focused Coach. She has years of experience in supporting organisations from various sectors to become better workplaces. Kristien is an expert in facilitating presentations and workshops for different audiences. Her drive is to get the best out of people and build confidence in teams and organisations.

Expect an inspiring, engaging and no-nonsense approach with depth that gets people moving. In the Better Minds at Work team, Kristien gives training courses, keynotes and workshops. She also supervises and coaches teams and organisations going through changes.


Brain-friendly working: Insights to make the most of your brain in a busy environment

Nobel laureate Herbert A. Simon said, “Too much information leads to a poverty of attention.” We pay a toll every time our attention is hijacked by yet another meeting or that we schedule back-to-back Teams meetings with no “empty space” in the day to reflect and refuel.

Just check with yourself which statements apply to you:

  • You read your email during a (video) meeting
  • You answer a work WhatsApp while on vacation
  • You scroll through your social media while waiting in a queue
  • You are often multitasking
  • You use different communication channels in parallel

This way of working often means superficial impact instead of deep impact and busy work instead of our punishing work. Brain unfriendly instead of brain friendly.  Especially in a hybrid context, it is vital to stop the disruptors, at home and at work. Not only to get more focus, but certainly to reduce our stress perception.

During this lecture we make everyone aware of their (digital) work behavior and its impact on the brain. We provide insights on how to regain your focus and how brain-friendly work can become the norm in your organization. Expect concrete tools to put the brain at the center of your team, resulting in less stress and workload and more energy and productivity. Also receive tips and tricks on how to work (a)synchronously together in a hybrid context and how to make meetings impactful, whatever the format.

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