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Anneleen De Lille

AnneleenDe Lille holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling
(University of Nottingham) and is a certified solution-focused coach. She specialises in changing habits. She discovered her passion for coaching in the United Kingdom, where she studied and worked for four years. In her book Denk Gezond Dieet Gezond (available in Dutch only; in English the title means “Think Healthy, Eat Healthy”; 2017, Lannoo), she shares her insights into how you can break bad habits and develop and keep good ones. Anneleenis an energetic speaker and is unrivalled in her ability to communicate her knowledge in a very accessible and actionable way.


Hybrid working

Optimizing the integration between work and life

Those who are making the transition to hybrid working, are experiencing many challenges. In addition to your organisation’s interests, employees also have their individual needs. There is no one-size-fits-all plan. Designing an optimal hybrid work plan that blends seamlessly with one’s personal life requires  reflection, open communication, clear expectations, clear agreements (at home and at work) and last but not least, psychological safety.

In this session you will gain insights into the crucial drivers of productivity: energy, focus, coordination and collaboration. You will discuss with colleagues your needs to experience maximal fulfillment and happiness at work and develop an action plan.

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From Difficult to Possible

Towards a growth mindset

The crisis has accelerated the digital transformation and at the same time has opened up the possibility for new ways of working. How do you navigate and make sure you remain employable in the long term? As for professionals, hybrid working will also mean diversifyingyour competencies. How do you develop a growth mindset and learn to see opportunities instead of difficulties?

This session will create confidence in your ability to grow in times of change and you will be eager to develop new habits of lifelong learning. It helps you to look at challenges with a growth mindset and gives you the navigational tools to adjust your goals in a way that is flexible and value-oriented. It inspires you to translate your insights from this crisis into valuable habits for the future.

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Changing habits

How to start new habits

In this session we will start from the principle “Never waste a good crisis” and therefore we will work to find a mode that allows you to surf agile on the waves of change. You’ll get science-based tools to develop mental flexibility. You will learn how to turn frustration into motivation and how to turn dreams into plans. You developed new insights recently, no doubt.

From these insights we create new habits that can help you as a person, as a family and as a team in the future. You experience more self-confidence and the effects of a growth mindset to create a new and (even) better version of yourself.

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Mental Resilience

A brain gym to deal with stress and change

The COVID crisis has challenged us in our mental resilience and luckily most of us are still standing. Yet, another resilience experiment is about to happen as we transition to new ways of (hybrid) working. This double challenge on our resilience requires a proactive strengthening of our brain. During this session we will share all our insights on mental resilience and how you can deal swiftly with the challenges imposed on us by the pandemic and the new ways of working. Expect an eye opener that makes it crystal clear that investing in your own brain leads to more agility, energy and happiness and less stress and anxiety. With the bestseller Better Minds (initially published as Mentaal Kapitaal), from CEO Elke Geraerts, as a common thread, you learn how your brain exactly works and you discover techniques to strengthen your energy and focus and to get through this change with sufficient motivation. In a 48-hour challenge, we will push you to apply a number of tips and tricks in practice straight away. A must-see to thrive in these challenging times!

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What others think about Anneleen De Lille

A few weeks ago, my employer organized a leadership forum day at a location in La Roche en Ardenne. Part of this day was a keynote on “Mental Capital” by Anneleen De Lille of Better Minds at Work. It surprised me tremendously how the keynote speaker, in just one hour, gives you an insight on how you got stuck in such a situation. This in a pleasant and fluent presentation style. And even manages to provide you with some levers to start improving your work flow, but above all with a desire to improve your work / life balance by means of things like attention management. I started reading more about this and I’m definitely going to do something with it!

Marc Van RoyManager Technical Services at Fujirebio Europe N.V.

You can tell that Anneleen is 100% passionate about her job and is able to convey this to her audience in a pleasant manner. She is fluent, dynamic, informative and practical. Sitting is alternated with standing and exercises.
Anneleen holds workshops with absolute dedication and a realistically positive mindset. She genuinely tries to help participants and provides familiar examples to illustrate what she is saying. Her workshops are always lively. Her interaction with the audience is strong, and she answers questions with ease.

Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij

I really enjoyed Anneleen's presentation style. She had a very open pose, spoke very naturally, English was very good. She moved around in an effective way and tried to keep the audience engaged.


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