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Elke Geraerts

As a doctor of psychology Elke held academic positions at the universities of Harvard, St. Andrews, Maastricht and Rotterdam. She wanted to spread her scientific knowledge broadly and therefore founded Better Minds at Work in 2014. Elke aspires to a ‘mental revolution’, in which the entire team of Better Minds at Work spreads indispensable knowledge about mental resilience across all sectors, functions, generations and cultures. Although Elke is best known as a keynote speaker and author (of, among others, Mental Capital, Authentic Intelligence and The Mental Reset), she is first and foremost a conversation partner for each client and knows how to translate psychological insights into fresh and accessible day-to-day applications for individuals and organizations.


The New Now

Building resilience in a world where change is the only constant

Building resilience in a world where change is the only constant.
Change can be challenging, but times of uncertainty also provide a unique opportunity for organisations to demonstrate resilience and emerge stronger. In this highly topical speech Elke Geraerts shares her profound insights in how organisations may manage to seize this opportunity. She explains why it is time to put employee health and wellbeing at the top of the C-suite’s strategic agenda, and how this may help in responding to new work paradigms. With her background in neuroscience, Elke points towards new ways to equipping leaders and employees with the mental, emotional, and social skills needed to not just cope, but adapt and thrive. Make sure to experience Elke’s speech and find out how we can build resilience in our careers, leaders, and organizations so we can better plan for and respond to the accelerated future of work.

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The Mental Reset

How hybrid work and life strengthen resilience

2020 and 2021 represented one of the greatest resilience experiments in our lives. What if we embrace this crisis as an opportunity for true transformation? What if we reset our habits so we can face challenges stronger than we ever did before? What if we take this momentum as a head start for ourselves, our teams and our organisations?

In this talk Elke Geraerts inspires you with insights that you need to prepare for a post-pandemic era. She shows you how hybrid work ánd life may render you more productivity, energy and inner peace at the same time. She takes the time with you to reflect on how this hybrid context strengthens resilience for yourself, your teams and your company. And on top of that, she shares her ideas about what you can exactly do to advance (self) leadership, to foster connection within your team, to focus on what really matters, and to touch the right future-proof chords. A must-experience if you want to get ready for the post-pandemic reset!

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Mental Resilience

A brain gym to deal with stress and change

The COVID crisis has challenged us in our mental resilience and luckily most of us are still standing. Yet, another resilience experiment is about to happen as we transition to new ways of (hybrid) working. This double challenge on our resilience requires a proactive strengthening of our brain. During this session Elke will share all her insights on mental resilience and how you can deal swiftly with the challenges imposed on us by the pandemic and the new ways of working. Expect an eye opener that makes it crystal clear that investing in your own brain leads to more agility, energy and happiness and less stress and anxiety. With the bestseller Better Minds (initially published as Mentaal Kapitaal) as a common thread, you learn how your brain exactly works and you discover techniques to strengthen your energy and focus and to get through this change with sufficient motivation. In a 48-hour challenge, Elke will push you to apply a number of tips and tricks in practice straight away. A must-see to thrive in these challenging times!

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Authentic Intelligence

The future of work starts today

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the digital revolution and is creating an earlier-than-expected tipping point that is likely to transform business forever. Hence the voices asking whether we humans can still compete against robots and artificial intelligence are getting louder. In this highly topical speech, Elke points out that it is time to demystify technology and to shift the focus back onto human beings. She examines which uniquely human qualities can be used to secure our professional future, and which assets you really should embed in your organization’s DNA if you want to ensure your viability in this disruptive world. An inspiring presentation for organizations that already have both feet firmly planted in the future and want to use this pandemic as a transformational momentum.

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View the book ‘Better Minds’ by Elke Geraerts

View the book ‘The Mental Reset’ by Elke Geraerts

How others think about Elke Geraerts

“Elke has the rare talent of combining scientific insights with our everyday struggles in life. From the moment Elke starts to speak, she is able to hold the audience’s attention. She takes you on a mental journey through our brain and teaches us to get the best out of ourselves. The ultimate 'Elke effect' is that everyone who attends continues to contact each other long after the presentation to talk about how their brain is. A warm, special and, above all, highly talented person whom I wholeheartedly recommend.”

Elmas DudukOrganisational Strategist for the City of Amsterdam

“Elke is one of those rare talents who can integrate research and practical examples into clear insights and practical recommendations. She does this in her books and in her real-life contributions. Thanks to her enthusiasm and expertise, resilience becomes a tangible, concrete thing that matters not only in what we think, but definitely in what we can do. From now on, we will look at rabbits and elephants differently.”

Jan Van AcoleyenHR Directeur at Proximus

“During her inspiring keynote talks, Elke seems to be constantly reflecting on our not so efficient way of working in times of ever more digital noise and digital pollution. But thanks to, among other things, the humor, the passion, the scientific insights and the variety with many practical tips, her lectures are not only 'entertaining' and 'infotaining', but above all personally very instructive and useful. In short: highly recommended.”

Bart FransisHead of Equity Investments, Belfius Insurance

“Elke is a highly motivated professional and can translate her expertise in mental resilience into a ready-to-use package for leaders and entrepreneurs willing to take the next step in coaching their teams. Her key notes provide a keen insight in how to tackle the current psychosocial challenges we face. I experienced her team of Better Minds at Work and the team of Energy Lab in a setting of "De Koplopers" where I participated in a group of 8 leaders who were mentally and physically challenged. The learnings out of these 2 days of coaching could be immediately implemented. Job well done!”

Dirk Vander MierdeDirector Datwyler

“Elke Geraerts gave a lecture about the brain in the framework of the Amsterdam week of Health for Personnel and Organization Advice. Her accessible narrative style, the practical applicability of her lecture and tips and the scientific foundation under her approach were ingredients for a very successful meeting. I heartily recommend Elke Geraerts as a speaker or supervisor of a change in your organization.”

Liane PielanenDirecteur Personeel en Organisatieadvies - Gemeente Amsterdam

“What a particularly inspiring speaker! Interesting story from start to finish, some facets already heard in previous readings by Elke, but always with other examples, all recognizable, in line with daily practice, and always fascinating! The result was a room full of (100+ participants!) medical specialists in training who enjoyed it to the fullest! Highly recommended!”

Walther van MookMaastricht Universitair Medisch Centrum; Hoogleraar professionele ontwikkeling, Universiteit Maastricht

“Elke was invited to speak for a theatre of 400 people. She is an excellent speaker! Like no other, she knows how to translate complex material and important messages into human language and to pack them with entertainment so that she can retain the attention of her listeners until the last second. She knows how to inspire and enthuse her audience. Her carefully selected visual material supports her story in a harmonious way. About Elkes messages is being talked about for a long time!”

Ilse ClaerhoutMarketing Manager, Belfius

“Elke gave her presentation on Mental Capital and the human brain for our colleagues at Van Havermaet. As we all know from Elke, it was again a very inspiring and haunting "journey" along the complex matter of our well-known gray matter. Her expertise, room for dialogue, funny yet recognizable examples and especially the application of the material specifically to our organization and for our colleagues made it a top moment for everyone. And the effect continues: especially when I am currently experiencing the many applications of Elke’s challenge with our colleagues. Highly recommended and we are already looking forward to the follow-up sessions of Elke and her colleagues.”

Kristof MeestersAlgemeen Directeur van Havermaet

“Last week we had the pleasure at Bayer to get a keynote presentation by Elke on "brain power" and "guts" in light of our Wellbeing program at Bayer. I can absolutely recommend this! Elke's talk is inspiring, engaging and full of energy. I really enjoyed it and got several new insights. We were all energised to take specific actions and already look forward to beginning of next year when she returns for the follow up talk!”

Karine BuysHead of Talent Management Benelux Bayer

“I had the pleasure of listening to Elke's vivid expose at a "Resilience Workshop" for BESIX in Dubai. For me personally, her workshop contained a number of “aha”-points and allowed me to connect some dots on certain challenges encountered in the daily work environment. I left the workshop with a number of insights (link between a boring situation -reptile/primitive brain - negativity - stress - unhealthy body), quotes ("Attention is the new scarce resource") and practical steps (bye bye email notifications on the phone). Her interesting and highly relevant presentation is the best invitation to read one of her books. Definitely worth some "focus"-time!”

Peter LembrechtsManager Six Construct Dubai

“Elke was able to inspire our company with a natural mix of academic insights and pragmatic declinations. She was able to find the right fit with our company culture in no time. By doing so she was able to connect with a broad audience. Her down to earth way of bringing the messages of the “CaliHero” and how to have the growth-mindset, really inspired me too. And on top of that she is a gifted speaker.”

Christophe DegrezCEO Eneco Belgium

“Disruptive. That is probably the single best word to describe the impact of my first meeting and interaction with Elke. First of all, no technology distractions when meeting with Elke at Better Minds at Work (laptops, screens, ...). Since I work at a high-tech R&D company (3500 engineers), this focus on interaction was the first sign of something different. More smiles too. From most meetings I participate in, I make sure I write down one impactful sentence. Meeting with Elke, I wanted to remember every sentence. It all made sense. Grounded in science, but applicable in daily life. Since I am working at developing technology for preventive health and behavior change, getting Elke’s (and Better Minds at Work's) insights, suggestions, feedback was an essential step in shaping our program. Evidently we invited her to speak at our next customer event, where she had a similar strong impact – this time on practically the entire audience. Thoughtprovoking. Yet so simple, to remember, to apply. You have to experience it for yourself – I highly recommend meeting Elke and the Better Minds at Work team.”

Chris Van HoofSenior Director Imec

“Elke has taken 1000 members of our bank into the secrets of our brain in a very inspiring and compelling way. A piece of (your) science with appealing and recognizable examples made the presentation very accessible to everyone. With a big and warm applause, Elke, as a surprise of the evening, was rewarded. We have received positive feedback from many customers about Elke's presentation and performance.”

Edwin MeijerDirector Rabobank

“Recently, Elke Geraerts and her team from Better Minds at Work have provided a course for the leaders of OLVG hospital. Mental resilience and energy of the employees were central to this. Lectures and work sessions alternated and brought the participants into contact with themselves and each other. Practical tools were provided in the work sessions to increase their own mental resilience. And the keynotes also provided the insight that attention and focus are necessary to move from strength in the continuously changing care landscape. Thank Elke and team for the extremely energetic and inspiring course.”

Maurice van den BoschCEO OLVG Ziekenhuis Amsterdam

“As an entrepreneur, Elke Geraerts understands better than anyone what the future challenges are for each manager. As an academic, she succeeds in inspiring that same manager in human language and making conscious choices. She understands like no other the art to captivate with clear, recognizable insights in which she easily unravels and unmasks a number of myths. The metaphors that she uses keep on sticking! Our executives are hunting elephants today and letting the rabbits be what they are! They now understand even better that guts is necessary to take their own future into their own hands and have grown mentally in a short period of time - huge thanks Elke.”

Marc DezwartSenior Manager KBC

“Elke Geraerts is at the top in her profession. A real professional. And besides, she succeeds in telling her story in a clear, structured and fascinating way. The key note she recently brought to our extensive Mamangement team landed extremely well. Elke manages to open eyes with her clearcut views and analyses and thus hence creates interesting discussions. Very nice - also when she talks about rabbits and elephants!”

Hans WilmotsCEO of BDO België

“Two years ago, Elke was referred to me when I was looking for a personnal coach. It was a match from the first session. Elke helped me to take some distance, look into the mirror and focus on what really matters. Her famous statement on "rabbits & elephants" nearly daily comes to my mind. In June 2017, we were pleased to have Elke as a key note speaker for the full BDO management team. During the 1-hour presentation on "no guts no glory" Elke brought a clear and simple message. The feedback from the participants was very positive. We all identified some take aways to improve our working environment and to better integrate our work into our lives. It's always a pleasure to talk to Elke and to read her books. Keep up the good work!”

Veerle CatryPartner BDO Belgium

“Elke and the team of Better Minds at Work are helping BESIX worldwide to create a company where Resilience is not only being preached, but also trained and supported. Elke delivers great insight in how managers and employees can focus on what truly matters, be attentive to detect those that need our help more and how everybody can become more resilient through balance and taking care of each other.”

Geert AelbrechtChief Human Resources Office Besix Group

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