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Tony Crabbe

Tony Crabbe is a business psychologist and works as a consultant for Microsoft and Disney, among other companies. He is associated with the University of London and lives in Spain with his wife and three children. He rose to world fame with his international bestseller Busy. Tony has the ability to inspire his audience to go about things in a more focused way.


Never Too Busy

Tony will tell you how to master being busy. He offers clear strategies for a tidy head and life. You don’t have to be more efficient, you just have to want to be efficient less often. He will teach you how to set your schedule so that you’ll never be constantly behind again.  His keynote – coupled with a touch of British humour – is intended to challenge you to focus your attention on what is most important to you, both at work and at home. Tony will challenge your “busyness habits”, because busy-busy-busy is for sissies 🙂

Tony gives this keynote in English.

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What others think about Tony Crabbe

Tony is a great speaker, he has a superb ability to make you look at how you approach every day in a new way. As someone who is guilty of answering every “How are you” request with “Busy”, Tony has made me sit up and think about the things I assume I have no choice about when in fact I do. His way of approaching this complex topic is simple, honest and funny. I have so many things I want to change and I want to talk to my teams about.

Carrie BirminghamNews UK HR Director

Tony has incredible insights for any executive audience. His observations into how we work, live, and prioritise have a profound and actionable impact on all. Tony’s engagement in pre-event briefings resulted in a curated keynote, specifically tailored to the needs of our audience. His tone is perfect, authoritative, insightful, intellectual, accessible and relatable.

Anthony PohlGartner Program Director

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