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Carolien Van Den Bosch

Carolien Van Den Bosch is a professional speaker and coach at Better Minds at Work. Her holistic approach to body and mind sets a person completely in motion. Carolien’s vision on functional movement, correctly nourishing your body and mental resilience is strengthened by evidence-based training courses she followed in Belgium and the Netherlands. Moreover, her many years of experience in business as a business banker and consultant makes her the perfect sparring partner for managers with regard to the mental challenges surrounding their business operations. Expect Carolien lectures that will last a long time and inspire your employees to get started!

Being able to assist her coachees in their journey in the most complete way, Carolien considers it a privilege. Listening, inspiring and motivating. She is guided by a motto that forms the common thread throughout her coaching trajectories and far beyond. “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always”.


Time to Energise

Energy management at the top of the list

A healthy mind in an energetic body, that is the common thread throughout this keynote. Discover how movement, sleep and nutrition are connected to the functioning of our brain. And how we can optimize that connection and generate more energy for ourselves in all areas.

Especially in times when employees are under pressure, it is crucial to prioritize energy management. During this session we will inspire from a holistic vision how to renew energy for yourself and for your team. Expect insights that will keep energy surging through your brain and body for a long time to come!

Mental Resilience

A brain gym to deal with stress and change

The COVID crisis has challenged us in our mental resilience and luckily most of us are still standing. Yet, another resilience experiment is about to happen as we transition to new ways of (hybrid) working. This double challenge on our resilience requires a proactive strengthening of our brain. During this session we will share all our insights on mental resilience and how you can deal swiftly with the challenges imposed on us by the pandemic and the new ways of working. Expect an eye opener that makes it crystal clear that investing in your own brain leads to more agility, energy and happiness and less stress and anxiety. With the bestseller Better Minds (initially published as Mentaal Kapitaal) as a common thread, you learn how your brain exactly works and you discover techniques to strengthen your energy and focus and to get through this change with sufficient motivation. In a 48-hour challenge, we will push you to apply a number of tips and tricks in practice straight away. A must-see to thrive in these challenging times!

The Mental Reset

How hybrid work and life strengthen resilience

2020 and 2021 represented one of the greatest resilience experiments in our lives. What if we embrace this crisis as an opportunity for true transformation? What if we reset our habits so we can face challenges stronger than we ever did before? What if we take this momentum as a head start for ourselves, our teams and our organisations?

In this session, we’ll inspire you with insights that you need to prepare for a post- pandemic era. We show you how hybrid work ánd life may render you more productivity, energy and inner peace at the same time. We take the time to reflect with you to reflect on how this hybrid context strengthens resilience for yourself, your teams and your company and what implications it has for your company’s strategy. And on top of that, we share our ideas about what you can exactly do to advance (self) leadership, to foster connection and psychological safety within your team, to focus on what really matters, and to touch the right future-proof chords. A must-experience if you want to get ready for the great post-pandemic reset!

How others think about Carolien

I thought Carolien was wonderful. She managed to hold my attention for an hour! Also the message that you need to pay more attention to the brain to keep it healthy came across! I will definitely apply the tips (already done today)!

Monique WieringaHR Business Consultant at Thales

It is clear that Carolien speaks with a lot of knowledge and passion and she succeeded in bringing all our people into her story. Especially the concrete tips were much appreciated. For example, since the session I see more and more employees scheduling focus time, the rabbits and the elephants are talked about and the impossibility of multitasking was also discussed. So for me the session was very successful and very professionally brought. Really good job!

Nele BruersInstore Experience Specialist, Dobit Solutions

Carolien was inspiring, instructive, humorous, captivating ... In short, worthwhile to listen to for more than an hour!

Karin RenkemaHR Manager Nutreco

Carolien has so much expertise, not a moment was boring, lots of flair, charm, humor, have listened to you mesmerized, my attention never escaped a moment, very special!

Bertien Molenaar-Rhebergen

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