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Florence Pérès

Florence Pérèscontributed on the development and growth of the internet in Belgium and remained active in the digital world for 20 years. In parallel, she studied as a health consultant, mindfulness trainer, and stress and burnout coach. The focus of her keynotes is on teaching people to handle stress and build resilience. Her expertise in technology and digital media is reflected in the programmes she has developed to raise awareness of techno-stress and digital detox. She is the author of the book Digital Detox (in Dutch; Lannoo, 2017) &  Change Hacking – How to cope with change at work and in your personal life (Lannoo, 2024).


Change hacking: How to cope with change in your professional life with more adaptive resilience

Do your colleagues experience stress, uncertainty, resistance or even anxiety with change in the workplace? Whether it’s adapting to a new software system, going through a merger, or simply coping with challenging periods and crises, they might feel overwhelmed by the constant shifts affecting their work and personal lives. Florence is here to help them transition from discomfort to embracing change.

In her captivating talk “Change Hacking”, she shares powerful insights, principles, practical tips and effective strategies for reducing stress, boosting resilience and engagement, enabling colleagues to navigate uncertain, complex, and rapidly changing times with greater ease.

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Focus your brain: optimize performance and overcome digital distraction

It’s been called “The Productivity Paradox.” For all our technological innovations, productivity is declining ever more and stress levels are rising. In the age of distraction, if we don’t master our technology, it isn’t working for us but against us in getting our best work done; we’re unfocused, feeling pressured, drowning in too much information and struggling to find time.

That’s because no one ever taught us how to work appropriately in this digital era.Our entire lives, we’vebeen assigned tasks and expected to figure out how to get them done and how to get more done. But in the age of distraction, the techniques we’vedeveloped no longer work. The only way to achieve success in our work is to learn the art of focus.

During this keynote, Florence will explain what ‘always on’ does to our brain, why this drastically affects our performance and increases our stress level. We’ll explore how to maximize our mental resources and how to manage (digital) distractions. You’ll learn he principles of deep work and how to manage your attention be more productive and feel less pressure.

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Discover the book ‘Digital Detox’ by Florence Pérès

What others think about Florence Pérès

Florence was a great success. You can always tell whether people will participate in the session and that was certainly the case. Also the applause afterwards was illustrative. There was a good combination of deeper-going matter that was made explicit with clear examples. I think that the people in my team have gained a lot of insights about how they can experience their work. Florence did this in an accessible manner and that was important. In short, I am very satisfied!

Robbert LeenstraCity of Amsterdam

The ”Focus your brain" session was very well received by the participants. The feedback from many was that it was a good mix of practice and theory, so for us it is definitely already a successful collaboration.

Natalie VerrydtBrussels Airport Company

For myself, the Focus your brain workshop was an eye-opener. The impact of the digital world on our brain is much greater than I thought. Your book is waiting to be read! I learned a great deal and have already applied a number of things.

Annelies L’EclusePanasonic Energy Europe NV

I thought it was a great workshop and my smartphone usage is in free fall!

Jan VerschuerenBank van Breda

I’ve just attended a fantastic workshop on stress management with Florence Pérès. A top coach and speaker! My compliments to her!

Katrien PietersKarel de Grote University College

Fine alignment upfront, making the content of the keynote tailored to our public of hospital leaders. The varied and humorous presentation was appreciated.

Els VanhoveAZ Groeninge

The presentation Digital Detox / Focus your brain was very much appreciated. Florence explained everything very well, didactically she is very strong and she's also a very fluent speaker. She brought her story in a dynamic and interactive way. This conference was very well structured and provided insight into the matter. We received concrete and useful tips for an effective digital detox. We are very satisfied.

Violetta JitomirskayaCM

In her keynote about Digital Detox, Florence Pérès explains in an expert and enlightening way how our brain is being endured today. Moreover, she also gives concrete tips on how to better deal with digital tools in these hyperconnected times. I recommended it!

Wim AnnerelBelfius

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