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Joke De Clercq

Joke De Clercq is a passionate keynote speaker and trainer at Better Minds at Work. In parallel, she works as an HR partner at Ghent University and runs her own practice. With a Master in Clinical Psychology she has worked in the clinical field for over twenty years, giving her a wealth of experience on topics such as stress, resilience and neuroscience.
Joke is well-known for her inspiring talks on how our brain works and she knows exactly how to motivate each international audience to put her insights into action.


Brain lecture

Master Your Mind

Why does one person get angry faster than another? Why do you stiffen at the wrong comment of a colleague while another always seems to have an answer ready? What happens in your body when you get angry? And what can you do to adjust your reactions?

Joke De Clercq is convinced that if you know why your brain reacts in a certain way, you can really master it. Her inspiring lecture translates neuroscientific insights into practice.

Learn more about how the brain works and the power to positively direct it. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of neuroplasticity and increase the impact on your own behavior. This will take you from knowing to being able, and from thinking to doing.

A must for every organization, a brain lecture! Activate the potential of everyone’s brain now and make your company’s human capital more resilient!

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