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Steven Laureys

Professor Dr. Steven Laureys is an award-winning world-renowned neurologist, brain science popularizer, and bestselling author. He has conducted groundbreaking research into the human mind for more than 25 years. He explores the human mind using the latest brain imaging technologies and wearables assessing consciousness in coma, near-death experiences, concussion, anesthesia, hypnosis, meditation, trance, and dreamlike states. He has authored no less than impressive 500+ peer-reviewed scientific papers. Furthermore, he has published several books, including The Neurology of Consciousness, and popular books, such as the international bestseller, “The No-Nonsense Meditation Book” (in collaboration with Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard).


He has received numerous awards including from the Society of Cognitive Neuroscience, Mind Science Foundation, Max Planck Society, Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, and the European Academy of Sciences and was elected Commander in the Order of Leopold and fellow of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium and the European Academy of Neurology.


KEYNOTE: The power of the mind & meditation

Meditation could retune our brains and help us cope with these volatile times. People in search of an introduction to mindfulness that’s free of woo-woo promises should look no further. Rigorously researched and deeply illuminating, world-leading neurologist Dr. Steven Laureys works with celebrated meditators (such as Matthieu Ricard, translator of the Dalai Lama) to scientifically prove the positive impact meditation has on our brains.

In this keynote:

  • Steven explores the effect of meditation on the brain, using hard science to explain the benefits of a practice that was once thought of as purely spiritual. The result is a highly accessible, scientifically questioning guide to meditation, designed to open the practice to a broader audience.
  • He uses a mix of fascinating science, inspiring anecdotes and practical exercises. Expect that his keynote offers you thoroughly researched evidence that meditation can have a positive impact on all our lives.


Steven is appreciated for his entertaining, dynamic, and interactive keynotes, where he makes accessible the difficult concepts of the brain’s workings, and he builds bridges between the latest neuroscientific insights and their application to the workplace. As a top-neurologist, he applies neuroscience to the business practice, including neuro-economics (human decision making), neuro-ergonomics (work performance and wellbeing at work), creativity, teamwork and leadership (empathy, compassion, stress).

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