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Elke Smeets

Elke Smeets has a PhD in psychology and lectures in positive psychology at the University of Maastricht. Elke is an internationally recognised expert in positive psychology. She is unrivalled in her ability to link academic insights to years of practical experience. Elke is co-author of the book Geluk & optimisme (available in Dutch only; in English the title means “Happiness & optimism”). One thing is certain: during her keynotes Elke will touch and inspire you and stimulate you to action.


Putting the oxygen mask on yourself first

Where is your focus in times of stress and disappointment? On others? On solving problems or on yourself? The chances are high that your focus isn’t on yourself often enough. Recent research shows that maintaining your optimum oxygen level by developing a better relationship with yourself is essential to sustainable resilience. Elke will provide you with handy tools to improve your quality of life and handle your feelings of stress and insecurity differently.

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Getting unstuck – from “Calimero” to “Calihero”

Elke will teach you how you can handle differently the things that normally hold you back. You’ll get to know handy tools to make you suffer less from stressful thoughts and negative feelings and think about what you really feel is important. Elke will encourage you to be more comfortable coming out of your comfort zone and become Calihero instead of Calimero.


What others think about Elke Smeets

Elke brings a wonderful combination of total expertise and passion and does so in a way that is really easy to understand, making everything applicable in practice. Scientifically based, with both feet firmly planted in reality AND with finesse, working towards a better world :-).

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