Erik Franck

Erik Franck is a psychologist, behavioural therapist (Ghent University) and supervisor of the Flemish association for behavioural therapy. He is a part-time professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Antwerp, where he teaches people management to doctors and nurses. He has been working as a clinical psychologist specialising in burnout and sleep problems since 2003. Within Better Minds At Work, he provides coaching and gives keynote speeches at organisations in Belgium and abroad on such topics as professional wellbeing, burnout, sleep quality, resilient communication and being a coaching manager.


Shut your eyes to Energise

Because people sleep for around 1/3 of their life, sleep is an important part of our well-being. High-quality sleep is associated with more energy, more focus and well-being. According to estimates, 50% of people are faced with some form of insomnia at some time in their lives. This keynote will give you more insight into what (good) sleep is. Together we will look at the system which ensures that we get high-quality sleep and discuss the impact of behaviour on our sleep. We will formulate recommendations for optimising sleep in spite of external circumstances (such as shift work or night work). A keynote with concrete tips to make sleep (even) better.

Working apart together: together everyone achieves more

When in teams you ask what is needed for people to be able to work together on a basis of trust, the first answers are always ‘communication’ and ‘honesty’. How is it, then, that – while we all know what it takes to collaborate effectively – this goes wrong in a number of cases? Feedback is vital when you live and work with others and yet we are not always… honest?! Well, honesty is outdated! In this keynote we will take the premise that honesty does not work. But there is hope and an alternative. With the help of the impact model we will provide an insight into interpersonal behaviour and explain the difference between honesty and transparency. A keynote with concrete tools for collaborating (even better) based on trust.

Personal leadership: inspired living and working

We want to have it all and to be responsible for our own decisions and their consequences. But in that case, are we not all too often deluding ourselves? Now more than ever, staying true to yourself is a challenge. Personal leadership is about knowing yourself and making conscious (life) choices on that basis. Making choices that fit who you are and what makes you tick. Making conscious choices will make you physically and mentally healthier, more successful and happier in the long run. In this keynote we will highlight the four levers of personal leadership: self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-control and self-compassion. Let this inspirational and interactive keynote be a first step to greater equilibrium and happiness.

SMART: Stressmanagement and resilience training

Stress is a survival mechanism. When danger is imminent, the body shifts up a gear so that energy is released to fight or flee. And we need an element of stress to perform optimally. In this keynote we will zoom in on the human stress system. We will explain the difference between enthusiasm, workaholism and burnout. Using a battery, we will give an insight into the signs and symptoms of energy loss. At the level of feelings, thoughts and behaviour we will examine strategies for keeping tension within optimum limits. During the third part of the keynote we will also consider a number of tips and tricks from positive psychology which can ensure that we soon become happier.

The sky is NOT the limit: Turning goals into values

When you board an aeroplane, the chance that your plane will crash is 1/16 000 000. After take-off, the aeroplane is therefore the safest mode of transport on Earth. This is not (just) down to the technological progress made with aeroplanes and tracking systems. Research conducted by NASA has revealed that in more than 70% of incidents the cause lay in the way in which people perform and cooperate. The consequence of this is a whole line of research into human behaviour in a complex work environment like aviation. Research defines a learning organisationand the focus on human behaviouras key components of aviation safety. The question on which we base this keynote is whether we in the business world can learn something from this. After all, safety in aviation has gone from being a goal to a shared attitude. With examples and interaction we will explain how aviation has achieved this and therefore become one of the safest high-risk industries on Earth. We will conclude this keynote with an individual reflection on which components and ideas can be adopted for your own work environment.

What others think about Erik Franck

“Our employees were very enthusiastic about the keynote that Erik Franck gave. It is a speech of interest to a number of target groups. Not only our operators, who work in shifts, but also our colleagues from admin and support services took on board highly relevant info and tips. The way Erik delivers the presentation is also highly dynamic and interactive. Highly recommended!”

Liesbeth De CroockVerstraete IML

“Thank you very much for a great presentation. Our people were truly excited about your session, and we have received a lot of positive feedback after your session. It was interactive, it was fun, it was data driven and well presented. Exactly what we needed. We are so happy you were able to make time to present at our seminar. Thank you once again.”

Carina MaximencoExecutive Assistant of Global Safety

“We had the pleasure to listen to the insights on self-leadership by Erik. Not only an extremely inspiring speech but lot of food for thought and an action plan. All we needed. Thanks again.”

Linda VandeveldeHead of people at Sandoz

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