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Erik Franck

Erik Franck is a psychologist, behavioural therapist (Ghent University) and supervisor of the Flemish association for behavioural therapy. He is a part-time professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Antwerp, where he teaches people management to doctors and nurses. He has been working as a clinical psychologist specialising in burnout and sleep problems since 2003.

Within Better Minds at Work, he provides training and coaching and gives keynote speeches at organisations in Belgium and abroad on topics as leadership, professional wellbeing, resilience, sleep quality and communication skills. Clients are enthusiastic about Erik’s role in their leadership programs. As he combines science-based and no-nonsense experience, he is the perfect expert to inspire and impact your leaders.


If you change nothing, nothing will change

A guide to self-directing your life

Despite the ever-increasing welfare, life is not getting any easier. Everything is possible nowadays and dreams are no longer a deception. After all, more than ever, the responsibility lies with yourself. If you’re not happy or don’t achieve your goals, then it’s also your own responsibility or fault. Books on the art of being unhappy are as popular as ever. However, each of us possesses an inner compass that can guide you on your life path. But there is one big condition, in a complex society your life goals are not offered on a tray: If you change nothing, nothing will change.

In this session author, Prof. Dr. Erik Franck, wants to provide a conceptual framework and concrete handholds for (re)living your professional (or private) life. It is about your personal journey, taking the bull by the horns, living in your life, a road of self-leadership. On this road we find four stops: self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-control, and self-compassion. At each of these stops we delve into what they mean, can mean for you, and we provide concrete handholds based on scientific research to change something. If you change nothing, nothing will change.

Shut your eyes to Energise

Get a fresh start by getting a good sleep

Our sleep is an important part of our wellbeing. Circumstances can often have a negative impact on our sleep quality. During the day, it’s harder to concentrate and you perform less well. At night, you lie there and worry. You dread going to bed more and more and develop the wrong sleep behavior. Fear of being unable to sleep increases your stress and escalates the sleep problems.

This session gives you more insight into what (good) sleep is. We look at the system which ensures that we get high-quality sleep and discuss the impact of our behavior on our sleep. We also formulate recommendations for optimizing sleep in spite of external circumstances. A workshop with concrete tips on sleeping (even) better.

Stress detection

Beat stress in challenging times

People experience more than average stress. Especially the uncertain time frame as well as the flow of negative news ensures that even the usually most down-to-earth employee now experiences more stress and anxiety. Consequences can also be observed in our work performance: reduced focus and concentration, decreased performance, adjustment problems, tension and stress, etc.

In this session we will discuss what signals of stress are and how we can deal with these in a resilient way. Expect hands-on examples and tips to handle your stress. Result: you live both mentally and physically healthier, with a positive impact on your immune system!

What others think about Erik Franck

I recently invited prof. Erik Franck to talk about ‘beating chronic stress: stress management and resilience training’. And when you read as responsible L&D manager the following comments you know it was more than just another webinar: “Probably the most interesting training I had on this topic, I really did recognize most of the symptoms he explained. The proposals provided are great tips that I did use to get back in the past to the Green zone. The training was interesting, right timing, touching what matters. A ‘warm’ session, after a cold shower in the morning 😉.

Bart DepraetereL&D Manager – Belgium & the Netherlands

Our employees were very enthusiastic about the keynote that Erik Franck gave. It is a speech of interest to a number of target groups. Not only our operators, who work in shifts, but also our colleagues from admin and support services took on board highly relevant info and tips. The way Erik delivers the presentation is also highly dynamic and interactive. Highly recommended!

Liesbeth De CroockVerstraete IML

Thank you very much for a great presentation. Our people were truly excited about your session, and we have received a lot of positive feedback after your session. It was interactive, it was fun, it was data driven and well presented. Exactly what we needed. We are so happy you were able to make time to present at our seminar. Thank you once again.

Carina MaximencoExecutive Assistant of Global Safety

We had the pleasure to listen to the insights on self-leadership by Erik. Not only an extremely inspiring speech but lot of food for thought and an action plan. All we needed. Thanks again.

Linda VandeveldeHead of people at Sandoz

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