Workshop Trust @ work: Building trust

Topic: Authentic Intelligence

Trust @ work: Building trust

Trust is not something you have but you need to earn it. That’s not just an old folk wisdom, it’s also the conclusion of neuroscientific research on trust. In this workshop you will see how trust is linked very strongly to our reward system, how it grows, shrinks and can make you move mountains.
In this very experiential workshop, you will question yourself. To what extent are you authentic? To what extent do you invest in the relationship with yourself? Do you lead your colleagues to a closer cooperation and a more real connection? Above all: what can you do to optimize this?

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What will you come away with?

  • You get an insight into the mechanism of ‘trust’
  • You discover the impact and effect of ‘trust’ on yourself and your environment
  • You gain insight into the hampering and promoting factors of trust.
  • You will actively work with your own cases.
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