Workshop Diversity In My Team

Topic: The new world of work

Diversity in my team

The workplace has never displayed a greater diversity of norms and values, expectations, attitudes and motivations than it does now. Different cultures, backgrounds and ages complement one another. And that is a positive thing.

However, diversity of mentalities and backgrounds can also lead to conflicts and stagnation. Only when we learn to understand each other can we learn to appreciate, complement and support each other. It is precisely the collaboration of different qualities that leads to success.

Using fascinating exercises, you will become acquainted with the different generations, their similarities and differences. You will also discover the logic every generation applies to the same subject on the basis of their background. And at the same time you will learn to understand each other and to really listen to each other, precisely in the interest of diversity.

What will you come away with?

  • Knowledge of the different generations and diversity in your team
  • Insight into the typical characteristics of each generation
  • An exchange of experience on various subjects
  • A communication technique for learning to understand each other in a more caring and more positive manner
  • Optimisation of the working relationship
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