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Workshop Focus @ work

Topic: Focus

Focus @ work: Practical techniques to work in focus from home and at work

“Tomorrow I will work from home to focus on an important task.” Ironically, the next day we turn on all kinds of jammers to show from home that we are working. So get rid of that focus. How do you make sure you can work with full focus both at home and in the office?

During this session, we will let you experience that you cannot simply copy-past your office life to your home life. We’ll give you insights to shape your brain to your liking and inspire you to get your brain moving mentally and physically. You will learn techniques to create more focus and thus be more successful in your work. You’ll discover how to put your brain into a focus mode. With a concrete plan of action you’ll leave the session to boost your focus, productivity and energy.

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What will you come away with?

  • Insights that immediately give you steps towards more focus in your work
  • Practical focus tips & tools to get things done in your daily work and private life
  • Insights into how you can move your brain to keep yourself mentally healthy and sharp
  • Flexible, controlled and focused work under pressure or changes
  • Get away from the issues of the day
  • Exchange the chaos and stress of multitasking for 1 task with full focus
  • Proper use of (digital) communication channels
  • A concrete plan to boost your focus, productivity and energy!
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