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Workshop Feedback for growth

Topic: HR trends 2023

Feedback For Growth : Do you want to get more out of your feedback conversations?

Feedback is food for champions: it sounds evident, but  in reality we often find ourselves avoiding difficult feedback conversations. And that’s a pity, because organizations with an open feedback culture have a clear competitive advantage. Indeed, when people talk openly about mistakes and opportunities, the organization as a whole will benefit from it in terms of growth and agility.

Do you want to take that growth spurt with your organization? Then you can’t go around this workshop full of interesting insights and practical exercises.

What will you come away with?

  • You discover where resistance to feedback stems from
  • You learn how to lay the foundations for a constructive feedback conversation
  • You receive new tools that can help you to feed forward
  • You practice with fictive cases or you bring your own
  • You understand how you can install a team spirit where people feel safe to seek feedback as an evident step towards their personal growth and development
  • You contribute to an open feedback culture within your organization

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