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Workshop Successful failure

Topic: The new world of work

Successful Failure: To stand still is to move forward

Winning represents success, losing represents failure. Welcome to the world of top sports. Using his own authentic examples, Niels Thijssen takes you through his unique perspective on behavioral change and personal development. There is so much to gain from losses, from resistance, from not feeling comfortable. But how do you do that?

After 15 years as a coach in the sport of field hockey, the last 5 with the Red Panthers, Niels chooses to retire in 2020. He got where he always dreamed of and just at that moment, he was sure he wanted to change.

A look back at a career in which he eventually became a person he no longer wanted to be. Niels hopes to inspire you to reflect more often on what we think, feel and do. To create moments of awareness more often to make choices from there that lead to changing behavior, becoming a finer person, colleague and leader. A keynote that will stay with you and will have an impact on the dynamics in your organization.

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