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Workshop No Guts No Glory

Topic: Resilience

No Guts No Glory : Set your “Calihero” more often

This workshop is about having guts. In these turbulent times, having guts is a must. After all by showing guts, you can challenge yourself and othters to really take action. 

Do you dare to express your opinion so that you can be who you want to be? During this workshop we will train you guts muscle. You will be provided with tools to create more courage and thus be more successful and happier in life – work and private. 

You will also meet the Calihero, the opposite of Calimero and will be inspired to wake up the Calihero in you and your colleagues!

What will you come away with?

  • Understand why having guts is important
  • Insights into how you can train guts like any other muscle
  • Investigate what keeps you from showing guts
  • Inspiration to show more guts and be a Calihero
  • Techniques to use your growth mindset more often
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