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Workshop Better Safe Than Sorry

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Better safe than sorry : Activate psychological safety in your team

Teams perform better than smart and motivated employees by themselves. And that is precisely why they are the engine for the sustainable competitive advantage in your organisation. However, it is not so obvious to improve the performance of teams in an organisation.

More and more, we recognize the value of psychological capital in teams, or more specifically, a climate of psychological safety in a team. Psychological safety means that team members dare to speak up, are allowed to fail, admit mistakes and that there is room for questions, transparent feedback and vulnerability. This creates more ownership, space for promising ideas and increases innovation and creativity. And that is exactly what is important in this rapidly changing and complex hybrid world.

In this workshop we inspire in an interactive way with the building blocks of a psychologically safe organisations and teams, the benefits for both employee and organisation and we share tips and tricks to work on psychological safety in your organisation.

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