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Workshop Take a break to accelerate

Topic: Body & Brain

Take a break to accelerate : Healthy habits to increase resilience and energy

Recently, more attention has been given to the value and importance of taking a break during and after work. We know that our performance on the long term depends on the alternation between activation and recovery.

However, due to the pandemic and the sudden imposed homeworking, people have found it very difficult to balance these two conditions. The boundaries between work and private life have become vague and difficult to maintain. People experience more fatigue, stress and sleep complaints.

During this workshop we will talk about the science of performance and fatigue. We will link this knowledge with the current typical symptoms and difficulties related to homeworking. Finally we will discuss easy to use tips and tricks to maintain a healthy balance between activation and relaxation, and provide guidelines for future hybrid work.

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What will you come away with?

  • Understanding energy management and the effect on your performance
  • The role of acute and chronic stress on your performance
  • The right mindset for balancing activation and recovery
  • Concrete exercises to optimize recovery
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