Workshop Reprogramming

Topic: Authentic Intelligence

Reprogramming: Towards a new mindset!

Every computer has settings. So does our brain. For example, there are settings for consciousness, thinking, remembering and will. And those settings, of which we are often not even self-aware, have an immense impact on our productivity, mental agility and reactions to change. In our rapidly changing society, it is necessary to regularly review and change these settings. But can we do that at all? Yes, unlike computers, which cannot change their settings themselves, we as human beings are at the controls of our brains. Each of us has the mental power to give a new direction to not only his life, but also the course of the organization.

In this workshop you will learn, using the latest scientific models, what really motivates you to evolve with the digital age and how you can develop your new habits to efficiently reach your goal.

You will also learn what your specific pitfalls are at the moment you get under pressure and what effect your behavior has on your colleagues and your productivity. But most of all: what can you do to protect yourself against these pitfalls. How do you make a change of habit possible for yourself and for others?

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What will you come away with?

  • Importance of reprogramming your brain.
  • You become aware of a number of fixed habits and beliefs that hamper your growth (and that of your team) and learn what you can do about them.
  • You become aware of your personal motivation.
  • You will find out where you are standing between the Calimero and the Calihero. You will learn to stimulate the transition to Calihero in an authentic way with yourself and others.
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