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Workshop Stress Prevention for employees

Topic: Resilience

Stress Prevention : Beat stress in challenging times

People experience more than average stress. Especially the uncertain time frame as well as the flow of negative news ensures that even the usually most down-to-earth employee now experiences more stress and anxiety. Consequences can also be observed in our work performance: reduced focus and concentration, decreased performance, adjustment problems, tension and stress, etc.

In this session we will discuss what signals of stress are and how we can deal with these in a resilient way. Expect hands-on examples and tips to handle your stress. Result: you live both mentally and physically healthier, with a positive impact on your immune system!

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What will you come away with?

  • Recognize physical, mental and cognitive features of stress and anxiety
  • Insight into what situations cause you stress
  • Tips to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms
  • How to start a conversation with someone who is under stress / anxiety
  • The importance of energy providers and how to proactively seek them out
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What others think about Stress Detection

Give yourself a present and follow a stress detection course. It helps to become more conscious about your life and life of people around you. An eyeopener!


This course gave me theoretical and practical insights about stress, burnout and how to deal with it within my team

Jessie PauwelsCountry Manager Belgium at Trimble

The workshop gives you a good view of how to prevent, detect and handle burn out problems

During the workshop I have learned a lot of tips and tricks to avoid a possible burnout by myself and by my colleagues. I would recommend everyone to attempt at least once such a session. Thanks a lot to our HR department!

Cedric VogelaereTrimble

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