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Workshop Stress Detection for executives

Stress Detection for executives

Part 1: Stress detection in your team

During this workshop managers are specifically trained in detecting stress signals and symptoms in their team. We will discuss what stress is and what the different starting forms and gradations are, in yourself and in others and give special attention to the impact of a hybrid work environment. We provide concrete tools to assess signals, symptoms and risk factors and this within the different phases of stress and burn-out. The session includes various exercises and mutual discussion, resulting in a lot of knowledge about the problem in itself. Your leaders need to walk the talk! 

Part 2: Stress prevention in your team

During the second part of the workshop, supervisors gain insight into their own role and possible intervention strategies within the four levels: primary, secondary, tertiary (what if the employee fails) prevention and reintegration (preventing relapse, quaternary prevention). Then we get to work: each manager makes a compass for actions that he / she will do within the own team within the framework of prevention; we look at the ‘circle of impact’ and exchange ideas about the challenges of our own work floor. Extra attention is also given to the transition to the new normal and hybrid working environment. Concrete tips and tricks not only to guide your employees but also to apply yourself, after all: leadership by example!

Stress Detection for employees
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What will you come away with?

  • The ability to recognize physical, mental and cognitive characteristics of stress and burnout
  • The ability to recognize who is extra-sensitive to stress
  • Tips to reduce symptoms of stress
  • The ability to enter into a conversation with somebody who is suffering from stress
  • The ability to apply techniques of active listening to a role-play
  • The ability to recognise the importance of energy givers and how to identify them proactively
  • If the participants are managers, we will focus this workshop on their ability as managers to detect and address stress in their employees
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