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Workshop If you don’t change anything, nothing will change

Topic: Mindset

If You Don’t Change Anything, Nothing Will Change : A guide to self-directing your life

Despite ever-increasing prosperity, life is not getting any easier. Anything is possible today and dreams are no longer a deception. After all, more than ever, responsibility also lies with yourself. If you are not happy or do not achieve your goals, it is also your own responsibility or fault. Books on the art of unhappiness are ever so popular. However, each of us possesses an inner compass that can guide you on your life path. But there is one big condition, in a complex society your life goals are not offered on a tray: If you don’t change anything, nothing changes. 

In this workshop, author, Prof. Dr. Erik Franck, wants to provide a framework for thinking and concrete guidance for (living) your professional (or private) life. It is about your personal journey, taking the bull by the horns, living your life, a path of self-leadership. On this road we find four stops: self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-control, and self-compassion. At each of these stops, we delve into what they mean, can mean to you, and provide concrete tools based on scientific research to change something. Because if you don’t change anything, nothing changes.

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What will you come away with?

  • Een begrip van wat zelfleiderschap wel en niet inhoud
  • Inzicht in drijfveren, waarden en doelen
  • Inzicht in controlemechanismen die energie kunnen geven of kosten
  • Kennis van verschillende uitdagingen om zelfcontrole te vergroten
  • Een methode om jezelf minder te be/veroordelen
  • Handvaten om op je werk in te zetten op innerlijke kracht
  • Een plan van aanpak om zelfleiderschap te versterken
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