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Workshop Work Life Integration

Topic: Sustainable workforce

Work Life Integration

Are you struggling with your work-life balance? In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of why that happens. You will discover where the gap lies between what you want for your family and what you want for your job as well as what you are unable to achieve in these different roles. You will also locate the energy drains that are the source of a lot of stress. We will think about the difficulties involved when you bring your work into your personal life. With the insights revealed, you can create harmony yourself between what you want as an employee and what you want for your personal life. You will be given a number of concrete tools and tips with the goal of finding a balance in your ‘work-life integration’.

What will you come away with?

  • An awareness of stress due to an imbalance between work and personal life
  • The ability to evaluate your personal pain points
  • The ability to experience less (internal) resistance between your work situation and family life
  • The ability to handle social expectations better
  • The ability to apply techniques and tips to increase the engagement of both your family and your manager
  • An awareness of your personal potential by using attention better
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Hoe anderen Work-Life Integratie ervaren

I found the work-life integration workshop inspiring, creative, and interactive. Miet Leijssen gave us an interactive workshop and shared a couple of golden rules & inspiring messages with us. She helped us reflect on our daily life, at work and at home, through positive lenses. The questions and hands-on individual & group exercises facilitated the introspection. In the end, I left the workshop feeling energized. It felt good to meet other colleagues who go through the same struggle & learn from each other. It felt good to have a moment in the day to reflect on the positive aspects of our work & private life and introspect how they can mingle better. Thanks, Miet!

Diana BortaManaging Partner at Blue Sky Solutions

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