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Workshop Digital Detox

Topic: Focus

Digital Detox : More focus and fewer digital distractions for greater productivity

Our intensive smartphone use negatively affects our stress levels and makes us restless. This lecture will teach you helpful tips that will allow you to gain self-insight and therefore get even more concrete ways to work, taking into account their own situation. We’ll look at a method for dealing with work/life integration, creating digital order and explore how to address the biggest attention hijackers.

During this session with a balanced mix of information and exercises, you’ll be motivated to tinker with your digital habits. You’ll learn to take back control of technology. We’ll also zoom in on inbox stress and give concise advice in better use of email. At the end of this lecture, you will have concrete tools to take back control of your digital life and a personalized focus plan to effectively achieve this.

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What will you come away with?

  • You get more control over your smartphone, email and internet usage
  • It becomes clear what causes you to be distracted before and what your biggest attention hijackers are; at home and in the office
  • Thanks to self-insight, you can implement more focus and attention in your own work yourself
  • You experience more energy and focus at work and less pressure and stress
  • You can deal better with work/life interference
  • More conscious interaction with your colleagues regarding (digital) communication and focused work
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Based on the book ‘Digital Detox’ by Florence Pérès

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