Better Minds at Work also offers its offer in virtual form. In recent years we have developed several ‘virtual learning journeys’, which have become more relevant than ever in this era of hybrid works. Expect impactful learning journeys that take your employees into a subject tailored to your organization.

Below we list a number of possibilities, but we pride ourselves on creating a webinar that really appeals to your employees and inspires them to get started right away. Depending on your chosen group size, we will interact with a select group or inspire your entire workforce

Learning Journey

Virtual Live Training

We offer your employees a learning journey about a specific topic selected by you. Our experts created content which is very relevant in these challenging COVID-19 times. In this virtual live training of 45-60 minutes we interact with your employees.

Pre & Post

Before and after the webinar your employees receive digital learning incentives via e-mail. Before the webinar they receive an invitation for the webinar with a possibility to insert the time slot in their agenda.  Afterwards participants receive hand-outs, extra exercises and tips. There is also a possibility for after service for employees who have remaining questions.

Brain Friendly

Better Minds at Work is known for brain friendly trainings. During our webinars we make use of our online tool ‘Zoom’ to have participants interact via live polls and quizzes. While the expert is giving the training, our moderator keeps an eye on the chat and makes sure everything goes well. 


Recognize that, a working day full of good intentions to tick off your well-stocked to-do list? And to speak to some of your colleagues in more detail? Or how to keep your team motivated and involved as a manager? In this COVID-19 period in which we often work from home, we are eagerly looking for a new way of working. Admittedly, since March 2020, the shop floor has reinvented itself and we have all become a lot more agile and digital. But at the same time, we now experience a lot of distance, few authentic conversations and reduced productivity precisely because of all those digital stimuli. How do you deal with this as an employee, manager and as an organization?

In her webinar The hybrid way of working in times of COVID-19, Elke Geraerts, PhD in psychology, takes you on a journey through her insights into how we can use our brains a little better for more productivity and focus, as well as for more motivation and an extra dose of resilience that counters the hopelessness of the corona crisis. As a manager, find out which aspects you need to focus on immediately and as an organization, be inspired to use this crisis as a positive opportunity to make and keep your workplace sustainably employable and resilient when COVID-19 is long overdue.


In COVID-19 times

In this webinar, we highlight the main components of mental resilience and how we can use them to deal swiftly with the changes imposed on us by corona. Expect an eye opener that makes it clear that investing in your own brain leads to more productivity, energy and happiness and less fear and anxiety. With the bestseller Better Minds as a common thread, you learn how your brain works exactly and you discover techniques to strengthen your energy and focus and to get through this time with sufficient motivation.


The power of authenticity for deeper connections

How can you, especially in this day and age, make deeper connections with your employees? What if the familiar paths, such as having a chat at the coffee machine or passing by, are no longer possible. Then we start looking for new ways to make that connection with our team members.

In this interactive session, we provide 10 practical tips that focus on the power of vulnerability and openness. The perfect moment to reflect on the deeper connection with your employees and teammates, with a boost for your job satisfaction as a direct result! Expect a practice-oriented session with concrete and no-nonsense tips with which you can get straight to work.


Practical techniques to work in focus from home

This special time has a major impact on how we can perform our work. Crucial in this is our ability to focus, despite distractions in our home and the lack of the normal work routine. During this webinar we inspire you to move your brain mentally and physically. You will learn techniques to create more focus and thus be more successful in your work.


Dealing with stress in these disturbing times

Our world has changed a lot in recent months. People experience more than average stress in these COVID-19 times. Especially the uncertain time frame as well as the flow of negative news ensures that even the usually most down-to-earth employee now experiences more stress and anxiety. Consequences can also be observed in our work performance: reduced focus and concentration, decreased performance, adjustment problems, tension and stress, etc.

In this webinar we will discuss what signals of stress and anxiety are and how we can deal with these uncertain times in a resilient way. Expect hands-on examples and tips to handle your stress. Result: you live both mentally and physically healthier, with a positive impact on your immune system!


Get fresh with a good night’s sleep

In this challenging time people sleep up to 30% less because of nightly worrying. This means that you get employees who cannot start the (working) day with 100% energy. In this webinar, sleep expert Prof Erik Franck shares his knowledge about quality sleep. He discusses the impact of our behavior during the day on our sleep and shares useful tips to sleep (even) better.


Towards a 2.0 version of ourselves

This special time demands that we reinvent ourselves. “Never waste a good crisis” and that is why we need to find a mode to surf the waves of change with agility. After all, people who can easily reprogram themselves according to changing circumstances are more flexible, embrace a challenge, experience more confidence and less stress than those who have a hard time leaving their safe cocoon. During this webinar we challenge you out of your comfort zone and create a new and (even) better version of yourself in the new normal.


Structure and balance in your digital communication landscape

For brainworkers it is not new: we feel the pressure to be permanently reachable and available through all kinds of channels and lose ourselves in the reactivity mode and digital chaos. It is a constant search for balance. And yet, as brainworkers, we are now more than ever confronted with new ways of organizing our work and communicating with each other. It is crucial to maintain an overview and to apply a number of techniques for dealing with this. Expect a practical webinar for more structure and balance in teleworking and digital communication in particular.


For more vitality, focus & energy in post covid

During this corona period, getting the right energy balance is more than ever a priority. Dominique Monami (former Olympic bronze medalist) will give you some tips & tricks on “how to build a stock of energy and more resilience” in your professional & private life.
Your mental, emotional & physical energy will be fully recharged after this session. This webinar is a real opportunity!


The power of diversity

We have switched from today to tomorrow to a new way of working together: working remotely. And this way of working will continue for some time to come. This automatically creates a new team dynamic, which each team member deals with in his or her own way. The diversity in the team will be increased even more. Herein lies a new challenge for the leader. After all, a team can only function optimally when the differences in preferred behavior are converted into strengths and complementarity. In this webinar we offer an insight into the different preferred behaviors within various domains. Such as, for example, the way we communicate with others, how we deal with our available time and how we deal with responsibility.

WEBINARS for your leaders

Towards a new way of leadership

These times are extra challenging for the leaders in your organization. More than ever, leaders’ people skills are crucial. In a tailor-made webinar for your managers, we will discuss how they can manage teams remotely. Some examples of topics that we can address during a webinar:

+ Strengthen mental capital in your team

+ Managing your team virtually

+ Develop confidence with your remote team

+ Give feedback to a remote team

+ Work efficiently from home

+ Communicate efficiently

+ How can we create an engaged team during this Covid-19 period?

+ Having an eye for inclusion in this Covid-19 period

+ Continue networking “from home”


Our intense collaboration with Energy Lab emphasizes that both a healthy mind and a healthy body are required to perform optimally. We are convinced that a holistic wellbeing approach optimally strengthens every organization in its human capital, especially in these times where employees are above all home-bound and a strong immune system will be necessary to return to the workplace. In various webinars we inspire your employees to maintain their physical health.

Some possibilities:

Evy Gruyaert with yoga session

Evi Van Acker: Food for energy

Paul Van Den Bosch: Why and how to move

Dominique Monami: Boost your energy


Would you like to give your leaders or employees extra support?
Our coaches are ready to motivate and advise them. Moreover, they provide you with the most important findings
and together they look for specific solutions. 


We coach your employees to deal with today’s challenges. We provide them with specific tools and we examine how they can stay motivated and involved. This is also a possibility for your employees who are placed on temporary unemployment.


We assist your teams in maintaining strong involvement with each other. We co-create solutions for specific challenges that your teams might experience. 


We notice it every day: managers are under extra pressure in this COVID-19 time. We form a sparring partner for them and consider how they can continue to manage their team in a resilient manner.

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