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Welcome to the Brain Performance Journey at PwC

The increasingly urgent need for qualitative brain work in a world full of distraction puts organizations today with an immense challenge. Not only should we take better care of ourselves, we also need to know what our brain needs to perform at its best.

That’s why the team of Better Minds at Work has designed this unique BRAIN PERFORMANCE PROGRAM. A program that focuses on developing professionals like you who are aware of their brain potential and what changes are needed to perform at its best. Professionals who create time to think about what they and their team members need to be productive.
They don’t need to work harder, but smarter. That is how they become the game-changers we need in this rapidly changing world.

Do you want to secure the future of yourself and invest in a sustainable relationship with your team? Keep an eye on this page as we will inspire you here with lots of insights, challenges and engaging podcasts and videos.


This program also entails 1 on 1 coaching. Click here to make an appointment online with Zakaria, who will be your coach throughout this project.

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  • Installing psychological safety
  • The drivers model
  • Challenges for our brain to focus
  • Basic principles of taking care of our mental wellbeing
  • Your results on the mental performance questionnaire
  • The basic principles of changing habits (4G-model)
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  • Mindset regarding mental health and mental resilience.
  • Learn how your brain and nervous system drive your performance.
  • Stress detection – don’t ignore the communication of your brain.
  • Daily routines to optimize your mental engine.
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  • Understanding what your brain needs to get into flow
  • Learning to stay on top of your game and invest in those activities that matter the most
  • Learning to deal with distraction
  • Learning to communicate about what everyone needs to be productive
  • Changing your mindset about ‘unplugging’
  • Learning to set boundaries and stick to them
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  • Authenticity is the new cool: how to be and show who you are
  • Try – fail – learn – repeat culture
  • The principle of Intelligent failing
  • How to implement the principle of the learning curve
  • Stick to your habits, deal with pitfalls
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