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Change Fitness

No sooner have you found your feet than bingo, the next change has already happened. There’s always likely to be something changing in our professional or personal context. It’s just that a major change can have an enormous impact on our self-image and self-reliance. You may feel insecure, disillusioned, lost, disappointed – with the result that you see a bleak outlook for the future, lose your sense of purpose at work and all your energy is consumed by your negative spiral of thoughts. You’re undergoing a transition, the personal adaptation process that is part of every change, whether positive or negative. In these workshops, we will help you to understand transition and what it does to you.

We will not only work on your ability to deal more effectively with major change but also on your mindset. The result: the more ‘change fit’ you are, the greater your resilience!

This workshop can be run specifically for employees or specifically for managers.

What will you come away with?

  • Insight into the transition phases and associated emotions
  • Insight into what change does to ‘you’
  • Concrete tools to improve your resilience when undergoing change and retain your purpose in life or work
  • A personal action plan on which you will work together with a ‘buddy’.
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