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Workshop Change Fitness

Topic: Teams

Change Fitness : How to get your mindset ready for change and new habits

In this rapidly changing and volatile world, it is crucial that we be mentally flexible. That we can adjust our habits each time and not get stuck in the status quo. And that we also dare to think long-term and know how to get there. But that is easier said than done. In this session you will find out why you keep falling back into the same old, ingrained habits. Discover why and how your brain responds to change. And what it takes to get your brain in the starting blocks for a change. You’ll get science-based tools to develop mental flexibility in yourself and your team members.

We provide insights to learn new habits, see new opportunities through change and how these can help you move forward as a person, as a family and as a team in the future. The session gives you confidence to look at challenges with a growth mindset. You will become aware of your mindset and how you can adjust it yourself so that it helps you develop new habits and stick with them.

One thing is certain: you will become enthusiastic about developing new habits of lifelong learning. Moreover, during this workshop you will also reflect on your personal motivation and make a concrete plan to develop at least one new habit that will help you towards your long-term goals. A must-experience during these volatile times that cry out for an agile mind!

What will you come away with?

  • You reflect on several ingrained habits and beliefs that hinder your growth (and that of your team) and you learn what you can do about them
  • You see how you can transform resistance to change into creativity, inspiration and motivation
  • Insight into reprogramming your brain
  • How to create (even more) a growth mindset 
  • You become aware of your personal motivation
  • You learn the importance of choosing optimism
  • You plan to develop at least one new habit
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