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Workshop Healthy Food

Topic: Wellbeing

Healthy Food

The impact of a healthy lifestyle on our mental resilience is huge, but healthy eating and regular exercise are easier said than done. Do you begin every Monday with the same healthy intentions? Do you exercise less than you would like? Or do you want to motivate your organisation to acquire healthy habits? AnneleenDe Lille, author of the book Denk Gezond Dieet Gezond (available in Dutch only; in English the title means “Think Healthy, Eat Healthy”) knows what to do! During this workshop you will learn the basic principles of healthy eating habits and how you can realistically apply them in your everyday life. You will also learn how to link a new way of thinking to your new habits so that you happily keep them going for the rest of your life. Thanks to this workshop, choosing healthy food will become as normal as brushing your teeth every day. You will be able to enjoy life with a body that is bursting with energy.

What will you come away with?

  • The dos and don’ts for a healthy lifestyle
  • An awareness of the factors that undermine your healthy plans
  • The secret to developing a new habit
  • A solution-oriented plan that fits your personal, social and work life (only at workshop)
  • The motivation to say goodbye forever to persistent habits that you want to break.
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