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Workshop Work Life Integration

Topic: The new world of work

Work Life Integration :Take stock for optimal work/life integration

High time to think about the different roles you want to fulfil and how to divide this attention optimally? In this workshop, you will learn to work smarter and put order in your head. You will learn to make choices, so you can finish the open files in your head to a quality you can be proud of. You learn how to create impact at home and at work. You will no longer keep saying “yes” when you mean “no”. With concrete tools, you learn to communicate needs and find solutions. You get more control over where your attention goes and, as a result, you experience more happiness at home and at work.

This interactive, experiential and practical workshop is a balanced mix of information and exercises. With the knowledge gained, you will be able to ask yourself the right questions and create harmony between what you want in your professional life and what you want in your personal life.

What will you come away with?

  • You reflect on what you find important in your life and where your attention really goes
  • You learn to recognise your stress symptoms and detect energy leaks quickly
  • You make a clear plan about how you want to fulfil the different roles in your life
  • You analyse your own sabotaging beliefs to maintain good habits
  • You learn to communicate your needs and set boundaries
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Hoe anderen Work-Life Integratie ervaren

I found the work-life integration workshop inspiring, creative, and interactive. Miet Leijssen gave us an interactive workshop and shared a couple of golden rules & inspiring messages with us. She helped us reflect on our daily life, at work and at home, through positive lenses. The questions and hands-on individual & group exercises facilitated the introspection. In the end, I left the workshop feeling energized. It felt good to meet other colleagues who go through the same struggle & learn from each other. It felt good to have a moment in the day to reflect on the positive aspects of our work & private life and introspect how they can mingle better. Thanks, Miet!

Diana BortaManaging Partner at Blue Sky Solutions

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