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Workshop Quit Quiet Quitting

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Quit Quit Quitting : Strengthen your team’s intrinsic motivation

The workplace has never been more shaky. In the United States, the Great Resignation rocked many companies. And what initially turned into a viral trend of quiet quitting on Tiktok is increasingly being felt on the shop floor, including in our country: employees quietly quitting, doing just the bare essentials to avoid getting into trouble and being able to receive their salaries at the end of the month. These volatile times clearly have an impact on employee motivation, so during this session we will delve deeper into what our brain does in times of shock, uncertainty and unpredictability. We reflect on what impact desire and drive have: after all, behaviour can still be enforced, the mindset cannot. Where employees used to give that extra mile, now you don’t even seem to get that mile anymore.

This workshop gives managers the tools to turn the tide and strengthen motivation in the team. Expect hands-on insights and tools to curb quiet quitting and re-energise the intrinsic motivation of your entire team.

A high-impact workshop, both mentally and financially given the huge cost of quiet quitting.






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