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Workshop The sound of silence

Topic: Sustainable Workforce

The sound of silence: How to tackle transgressive behavior in your team

Inappropriate comments and behaviors often sneak into team dynamics unnoticed. Colleagues go beyond what we want and cross our boundaries, or we see them cross another team member’s boundaries. And yet we remain silent. We seem to tacitly accept it. As a result, the environment becomes increasingly toxic, and employees come to the workplace feeling anxious or unsafe. Moreover, normalization occurs, and unacceptable behaviour seems to become part of a team’s DNA.

During this workshop, we create a culture shift. From “I participated in the sound of silence” to “I proactively created new boundaries.” During this session we zoom in on what happens in our brains when unwanted behavior occurs and what the reasons are why we don’t react. And how we can change this from now on. We co-create a new code of conduct and empower everyone to break the silence from now on.

A must-experience to foster safety and positive connection in your team.

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