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Workshop Resilient Communication

Topic: Communication

Resilient Communication

Emotional intelligence and empathy are the skills needed to work together successfully and form the basis of resilient communication, in which you empower the other person and remain empowered yourself. In this workshop, you will gain insights into the way you communicate and we will indicate how you can do so with greater positivity, clarity and assertiveness. We train skills in emotional intelligence and open communication. On the basis of genuine listening and dialogue, we discuss different communication styles and how stress influences our communication. You will learn to recognise your own communication patterns with the help of the communication compass. How to handle criticism and how you can express appreciation and feedback to employees are also covered.

What will you come away with?

  • Smoother teamwork and a better working atmosphere
  • Better performance and better leadership skills
  • Better communication skills
  • Greater self-knowledge and more empathy
  • The ability to use open and motivating communication
  • A better ability to put your message across
  • Better (working) relationships and smoother communication
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