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Workshop Whistling to work

Topic: Teams

Whistling to work – Boost your enthousiasm at work

Vital organizations with enthousiastic employees are more successful, more innovative and more productive. Their employees are more involved and connected to each other, they do their work with pleasure and energy and are therefore more employable. And the good news is: everyone can enthousiastic!

During this workshop you will discover the many benefits of being enthousiastic and you will be handed 5 keys that can help you boost or find your own enthusiasm and that of your team. You will be challenged to find and maintaining the balance and difference between your task requirements and your energy sources. How do you ensure that even after years of experience within your organization, you can still find the challenge in your work? Learn how resilience influences your enthusiasm and how the atmosphere within a team can determine your enthousiasm. How can you create connection and positivism in your team or throughout your organization in order to ignite others around you with your enthusiasm? We discuss practical questions that can be applied directly in your work.

What will you come away with?

  • You know what enthusiasm and the benefits are and you can assess your own enthusiasm.
  • You will become acquainted with 5 insights that can help you boost your enthusiasm.
  • You can get started with some concrete goals and a personal action plan
  • The experience gained enables you to get inspired, even in a changing environment.
  • You ignite others with your enthusiasm by sharing experiences.
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