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With the program The Mental Reset, we want to support you in optimizing your energy, well-being and mental resilience. We inspire you to adopt healthier habits of work and life, we take a deep dive into how to work with focus and we create insights into brain-friendly work.

On this page you can find the whole program combined with podcasts and inspiring microlearnings that will have a lasting impact on your new life, giving you more productivity and resilience at the same time.

Lots of learning fun in the coming time!

Team Better Minds at Work

Bonus material


How hybrid work and life strengthen resilience

In this kick-off session, Elke Geraerts will show you how hybrid work ánd life may render you more productivity, energy and inner peace at the same time. We take the time to reflect with you to reflect on how this hybrid context strengthens resilience for yourself, your teams and your company and what implications it has for your company’s strategy. And on top of that, we share our ideas about what you can exactly do to advance (self) leadership, to foster connection and psychological safety within your team, to focus on what really matters, and to touch the right future-proof chords.

In this kick-off keynote, Elke will introduce the entire program and challenge everyone to experiment with all the insights we will share in this program.


Optimizing the integration between work and life

Those who are making the transition to hybrid working, are experiencing many challenges. In addition to your organisation’s interests, employees also have their individual needs. There is no one-size-fits-all plan. Designing an optimal hybrid work plan that blends seamlessly with one’s personal life requires reflection, open communication, clear expectations, clear agreements (at home and at work) and last but not least, psychological safety.

In this session you will gain insights into the crucial drivers of productivity: energy, focus, coordination and collaboration. You will discuss with colleagues your needs to experience maximal fulfillment and happiness at work and develop an action plan.

Download the exercise here


Practical techniques to work in focus from home

When we work from home, we often assume we can just copy-paste our office life to our home life. But it’s not that easy. Our brain becomes overloaded and needs downtime. How do you give your brain a break when workdays are jam-packed with online meetings?

During this session we inspire you to move your brain mentally and physically. You will learn techniques to create more focus and thus be more succesful in your work. You will leave the session with a concrete plan of action to boost your focus, productivity and energy!

Download the summary of the 3 P's hereDownload your personal to-do-list


Why trust is vital in a hybrid context; followed by online Q&A

You don’t have confidence, you have to earn it. That is not only an old folk wisdom, it is also the conclusion of neuroscientific research into trust. In this 20 min podcast you can see how trust is very strongly linked to our reward system, how it grows, shrinks and can ensure that you move mountains. Especially in a hybrid context in which confidence is key. In this highly experiential podcast you question yourself. To what extent are you authentic?

To what extent do you invest in your relationship with yourself, do you lead your colleagues to closer cooperation and more genuine solidarity. And above all: what can you do to optimize this?

Listen to the podcast
Download the exercise
Download the presentation


Beat stresss in challenging times

People experience more than average stress. Especially the uncertain time frame as well as the flow of negative news ensures that even the usually most down-to-earth employee now experiences more stress. Consequences can also be observed in our work performance: reduced focus and concentration, decreaded performance, adjustment problems, tension and stress, etc.

In this session we will discuss what signals of stress are and how we can deal with these in a resilient way. Expect hands-on examples and tips to handle your stress. Result: you live both mentally and physically healthier, with a positive impact on your immune system!

Download the presentation (part 1)Download the presentation (part 2)


Healthy habits to increase resilience and energy

Recently, more attention has een given to the value and importance of taking a break during and after work. We know that our performance on the long term depends on the alternation between activation and recovery

However, due to the pandemic and the sudden imposed homeworking, people have found it very difficult to balance these two conditions. The boundaries between work and private life have become vague and difficult to maintain. People experience more fatigue, stress and sleep complaints.

During this keynote we will talk about the science of performance and fatigue. We will link this knowledge with the current typical symptoms and difficulties related to homeworking. Finally we will discuss easy to use tips and tricks to maintain a healthy balance between activation and relaxation, and provide guidelines for future hybrid work.

Download the step-by-step plan hereGet started with the tips around breathing and start with a breathing exercise (audio).


Podcasts for curious minds

Discover inspiring interviews, new insights and practical tools in our podcast. Because working on your mental capital is a must to face the future stronger, more successful and happier.

Strengthen your mental resilience
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