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The word ‘change’ in change management is now completely redundant. With the business context evolving at the speed of an express train, all management these days revolves around the effective handling of change. Whether it’s more efficient production, a more sustainable image, more safety in the workplace or greater employee engagement, organisations constantly have to switch around so as to remain up and running. Moreover, the expiry date of chosen business strategies passes every more quickly: what works today is no longer a guarantee of future success. One conclusion is inevitable: the future is for organisations that handle change consciously and have elevated agility to an art.

How change fit is your organisation today? And what can Better Minds at Work mean to your organisation or team in this area? Pia Buysse is your sounding board, together with various experts on the Better Minds at Work team.

Our Vision

In the Better Minds at Work vision, change is anything but a vague concept in an academic presentation. After all, the real challenge begins where most PowerPoints end: with the implementation of concrete, tangible and visible behavioural change. There will be no sustainable, scalable change unless you intervene in what your employees do on a daily basis. Their behaviour is, so to speak, the only valuable currency in your change programme.

Our Way of Working

We perceive 5 crucial steps in a change programme. However, how these steps fit together and how your ideal programme will run depends heavily on the needs, growth phase and culture of your specific organisation. That’s why all our work is tailor-made.


Successful change demands a powerful engine that receives a constant supply of fuel. The five steps below illustrate how the Better Minds at Work team puts change on course and keeps it there.

1. Keynote "Viral Change"

One thing is certain: the way you look at “change” will never be the same again after this keynote. In this inspirational account, Marc Debisschop questions the traditional view of transformation processes with astute agility. Successful change management, he argues, does not start with a predefined step-by-step plan but with the intended result: “What actual behavioural change do you want to see in the workplace?” And, just as importantly: “Who is best placed to keep this transition on the right track?” All too often it is assumed that a passionate leader also has the talent (and the mandate) to be an effective change process supervisor. But is this really so? Marc will challenge your organisation to look beyond the end of its proverbial nose, so that at the end of the keynote you might have the courage to make less obvious choices.

2. Workshop "Viral Change"

In this interactive workshop the team will learn where the ‘blind spots’ are in a change process and what the - possibly hidden - bottlenecks are that stand in the way of a smooth transition. You will discover and name group dynamic processes and informal undercurrents within your organisation, thereby strengthening the social cohesion of the team. Then the end of the change project will be described using concrete and quantifiable behavioural indicators, and we will focus on internal systems intended to facilitate constructive behaviour. This will culminate in an initial blueprint for your own change project. All ready to make the transition to the workplace!

3. Workshop "The sky is not the limit"

During this workshop your organisation will take to the skies. We will use aviation as a case study to demonstrate how important ‘cooperation’ and ‘communication’ are within the work context. These crucial skills are part of the training package for every pilot, but they are also an absolute must in your organisation. According to the model of “shared governance” every individual team member will be encouraged to stand up. Ownership and accountability are no longer fancy words: we will work on a widely shared attitude which does justice to the company’s values and spreads them far and wide.

4. Workshop: “Work on your change fitness and increase your resilience”

No sooner have you found your feet than bingo, the next change has already happened. A large number of changes can severely undermine the well-being and self-confidence of your employees. They may feel insecure or disappointed; they may even end up in a spiral of negative thinking that affects their job satisfaction. Fortunately, it does not have to come to that. In this workshop your employees will learn that the above reactions are not unusual, but form part of the adjustment process that accompanies change. Our change fitness guarantees a mental workout that will blow you away. After all, the more flexible your mindset, the greater your resilience!

5. Workshop for managers: “Make your team change fit”

People are creatures of habit, so change often provokes resistance. If, as a manager, you want to be able to deal with this resistance successfully, then trust is the magic word. But working on a bond of trust with your people is often no easy task and calls for a difficult balancing act between decisiveness and having the courage to make yourself vulnerable. Good self-awareness is also essential because only when you understand what transition feels like for you personally can you be a help in the change process that your employees are going through. This workshop is a clear call to action: you will go home with a personal transition plan and will be supported by a ‘buddy’.

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